How Travel Advisors can Plan the Selling Process and Maximize Bookings


6 Simple steps to boost bookings

Like all travel advisors, you’ll always be on the lookout for ways to secure every booking. In this article, we’re going to look at some tips that will help you maximize revenue at your travel agency – by planning your selling process properly.

Read on, and get all the details you need to revamp your selling process and see your pro.

1. Use Automated Systems To Pre-Qualify Your Customers 

Pre-qualifying a customer is a step that some travel advisors overlook. However, it’s essential, and it helps you (and your customers) save time and money. Despite this, the process can be time-consuming if done manually.

That’s why we recommend that you use automated systems to pre-qualify your customers. Even taking the simple step of creating an online form asking a customer about their age, the desired type of vacation, budget, and other simple information lets you learn more about them – automatically

You can send this to a customer via email before your consultation, and have them fill it out for you. Then, you can use this information to create your presentation when selling to your customers. You’ll already know a little bit about them, and you’ll be able to appeal to their tastes and interests – which results in a higher likelihood that you’ll make a sale.

Bedsonline How Travel Advisors can Plan the Selling Process and Maximize Bookings

2. Make Sure You Offer Bundled Travel Packages To Customers

Bundled travel packages are such a powerful tool if you want to maximize revenue at your travel agency. You should always offer to bundle together things like:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel stays
  • Excursions & activities
  • Food and dining
  • Rental cars, boats
  • Tours
  • Insurance

By doing so, you can discounting each product while still maintaining your margins. This gives your customers a better overall deal – and you should highlight that when selling your travel packages. Plan in advance some fantastic packages and itineraries for a ‘Destination of the Month’ bringing together the above products that make an incredible experience, so you have them at hand and ready when a customer walks through the door. If you follow step one, based on the answers given, you can prep a package that you know they’ll love.

Bedsonline How Travel Advisors can Plan the Selling Process and Maximize Bookings

3. Emphasize Active Listening Throughout The Sales Process 

The best way to create a truly human connection with your customers is through active listening. When you consult with a client for the first time, don’t use this as an opportunity to show off your priciest, fanciest vacation packages.

Instead, listen to them. Ask them questions. Take notes. Hear their desires and their motivations, and do your best to understand the type of person they are – and what kind of travel experience they are looking for.

This tip may seem simple, but it’s incredibly useful. If you use active listening properly, you won’t have to do any guesswork about their desires or the type of trip they want to take – they’ll tell you! Here are 6 questions you need to ask every customer.

Bedsonline How Travel Advisors can Plan the Selling Process and Maximize Bookings

4. Focus On Informing Your Customers About The Experience – Don’t Hard Sell!  

Related to the above points, you want to make sure that you are as informative as possible when discussing your travel packages with customers. They want to ask questions about their destination and learn more about the possible experience.

That’s where travel agents have a competitive advantage. Because you are a specialist and know quite a bit about the destinations, hotels, and activities where you typically send travelers, you can answer all of their questions.

So focus on informative sales methods. Paint a picture of the experience for your customers –  and answer any questions they may have. Avoid the “hard sell.” if you do an excellent job of describing the benefits and experience of your travel packages, it won’t be necessary

Bedsonline How Travel Advisors can Plan the Selling Process and Maximize Bookings

5. Stay In Touch After The Sale Is Complete To Build Excitement, Keep Plans Smooth

Your job isn’t over once the papers are signed, and your client books their travel package. Check-in with them regularly leading up to their trip – you can send them tidbits of information about their destination, flight reminders, and personal messages to help build excitement.

Also, consider contacting your clients during their trip. Even just a simple email check-in will do – ask how things are going, and if there are any issues. Be brief – you don’t want to distract them from their trip! 

Bedsonline How Travel Advisors can Plan the Selling Process and Maximize Bookings

6. Follow Up With A Personalized Post-Trip Phone Call

The key to maximizing revenue at your travel agency is repeat business. After the trip, give each customer a call and ask them how everything was! You can learn more about what was great – and what could be improved – and nurture the customer relationship further. You can also inquire about referrals, and whether they would like to start planning another trip with you.

Bedsonline How Travel Advisors can Plan the Selling Process and Maximize Bookings

Sell Your Trips More Effectively – And Maximize Your Revenue!  

We hope these selling process tips have been useful. If you implement them correctly, you’re sure to be able to maximize revenue at your travel agency – and outcompete other travel agencies, online booking agents, and more! 

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