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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Beyond the Bed offers in-depth experiences.

For your clients looking to dive deep into the cities they're visiting, we offer tours and experiences across the globe that would even be exciting for locals!

Book these tours early with your client's accommodations to increase your earnings on every booking. Here's just a small selection of the unique and exciting tours you can book through Bedsonline: Known as “The Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement”, Atlanta emerged as the epicenter for activism from 1940 to 1970 when it became the cultural catalyst for freedom without discrimination or repression.On thePrivate Civil Rights Tour of Atlanta with Travel Curious, your clients will walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther King through the heartlands of the Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta where racial integration and equality had a spiritual home and King first had “his dream”.

The Mission might be San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood, but like a fine wine, it has aged to perfection. This district has turned into one of the trendiest parts of the city and is an area every visitor should experience. On Urban Adventures' Lonely Planet Experiences - Flavors and Murals of Mission walk among the coolest locals in town on this food tour that dunks donuts, tastes tacos, and ogles some of the most legendary murals and street art in the city.

The Lower East Side was once part of the sprawling estate of loyalist James De Lancey, but later it would become an American icon, symbolizing the first home for the massive waves of immigrants seeking a better life. On The Lower East Side: An American Immigration Experience - Private Tour with Travel Curious, your clients will uncover the history of immigration at The Lower East Side, spanning across two centuries. Explore the gentrified blocks and see how modern culture has merged with historical sights. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of this neighborhood!


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