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Flexible Booking and Payment Options


Providing you all the flexibility you need

Book Now, Pay Later Option

Enjoy the flexibility you need with the option to make your bookings and have them confirmed without requiring any payment until 3 days prior to the cancellation penalty.

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Flexible refundable rates

We understand you and your customers are also looking for flexibility and reassurance as your business and circumstances constantly evolve. To help you, we have refundable rates available to book.

Use our special 'Free cancellation' filters to find the right hotel. You can also filter by 'Partial cancellation fees', 'Cancellation fees not available' or 'Non refundable' rates.

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Multiple cancellations to save you time

This new feature allows you to cancel multiple bookings at once in your booking management section.

Select the “multiple cancellation” button and choose all bookings you would like to cancel. It's easy!

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Payment options that suit you

Paying by credit card is easy

Settling payments is as easy as one, two, three. Simply head to your Pending Payments tab on the Bookings page or Homepage, then hit ‘pay’ on your chosen reservation. Enter your payment details in the relevant boxes (or use Google Pay to fulfil your balance) - and with that, your booking is complete!

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Never miss a payment deadline

You can make payments for future reservations anytime on Bedsonline, but we’ll remind you to settle your balance nine, six and three days before cancellation fees kick in. (Failure to pay before the deadline means that we will automatically cancel the reservation, so please make sure to settle the balance in time!)

If your reservation is made within three days of the cancellation fee terms, or if it’s a non-refundable offer, you must pay for your booking in full. This does not affect your ability to make changes. Additionally, you can still make changes to reservations which are already settled, but any alterations must be paid for up front.

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Multi-booking payments, made easy

Multi-booking payments help to streamline your workflow! You can now pay for up to 10 bookings in one transaction by selecting ‘Multiple payment’ and ticking the bookings you wish to settle.

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Split your payments over time (and over cards)

Prefer to make a partial payment? You can pay for any single booking in installments of $50 or more (up to 20 installments). What’s more, you can use different card details for each transaction if preferred.

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Local Payments to Save You Money

Each country has its own nuances in terms of payment methods. We work with local banks and partners to provide you with suitable options, saving you costs and commissions.

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Flexible Pre-Payment Platform

Our pre-payment platform allows you to manage more efficiently the bookings that are pending to be paid, and it even alerts you when the payment dates are due.

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Rewarding Your Growth

Commission Flexibility

We empower you to choose between commissionable rates or net rates with the ability to customize your margin.

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A win-win partnership that awards your growth and loyalty

We believe in developing long-term strategic relationships with the aim of growing together and sharing the rewards at each level: the agents, agency owners and larger networks. 

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