A travel agent’s definitive guide to capturing new customers

And tips on how to keep them loyal!

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And tips on how to keep them loyal!

People are traveling even more than ever, then why is it still so hard to attract new customers? And once they are customers, how do you keep them coming back? As it turns out, it’s not that difficult or time-consuming. 

The ideal strategy for every travel expert, is a perfect blend of online and offline. 

You’ll discover practical tips and techniques in our eBook as we walk you through the stages in your client’s journey - from acquisition to sales and customer retention. We’ll explore all the various online and offline touchpoints at each stage, so you get the most out of them - even as they overlap and link into each other.  

You’ll also get useful insights such as:

How to gain new customers via social media 

What content should you be sharing online?

Understanding SEO before you bring in the experts

Tips to make a sale without sounding like a pushy salesman 

How to convert customers into loyal ones that keep coming back


Bedsonline travel agents guide to capturing new customers

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