Booking your customer’s travels safely during crisis

In difficult times such as the one we are currently experiencing, travel professionals can struggle to find customers, as most people will be saving their resources  for essential expenses, rather than the luxury of leisure activities.
While everyone is waiting for the storm to pass, travel advisors can still tackle the situation with the right crisis management guidance, suiting up to navigate through the difficult present, while at the same time preparing for a brighter future. Keep reading to find out how!

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Transmit tranquility to your current and potential customers

Even if most customers are refraining from spending on leisure activity in these tough times, your travel agency might still be able to sell momentary relief with promotions or special offers for the future. As travel professionals, it is in your best interest to show your customers that you have all the expertise and tools to face a situation such as this. Being aware of how the crisis evolves will let you know when is the right time to transmit your messages, helping you to position yourself as a voice of authority in the travel industry rather than a pushy salesman.

If your travel agency has the right resources, you’ll be able to keep making bookings, with the flexibility that will mitigate the impact of critical situations.

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Be proactive in finding new or alternative solutions for your clients

Even if we plan everything accurately, there are certain things we can't anticipate, and between booking day and departure, many things can happen.

An important part of every travel agent’s job is to be present when a situation that puts your customer’s booking  in danger arises. Having a booking engine tool with the right characteristics can be extremely advantageous by  giving you a wide range of alternatives at your fingertips, so  you could easily offer available alternatives to your clients. For instance, if their destination is affected by a natural disaster, you could immediately start searching for domestic or international alternatives.
Travel advisors should always aim to be the ultimate problem-solvers for their customers and being proactive in trying to propose a range of alternative plans can be a key factor for your agency’s success.

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Be prepared for the reprise as soon as it starts

Staying up to date with the evolution of the crisis is a fundamental step to position your travel agency well for the end of a difficult period. It allows not just to be aware of changes having an immediate impact, but also to forecast trends and opportunities that might come up in the near future. The timing of your actions as a travel professional is always crucial! With better days coming, being ready to find alternatives for current customers as soon as a travel ban will be removed, or as soon as it will be safe again to travel to a specific destination, can be crucial for your customer’s satisfaction, and key for the recovery of your agency.

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Be a knowledge reference point for your customers

It should be clear through all your communication channels that your contribution as a travel professional is not limited by booking trips. Your knowledge and expertise as a travel advisor can turn out to be extremely useful in critical situations. Customers will not always have a clear picture of the impact of a crisis on their ability to travel. That’s why your knowledge of the industry can be a winning card, giving you an important advantage over many other players in the travel market! Choosing the right travel partner also based on the knowledge base you get access to, should be one of your priorities! Check our guide about the ultimate benefits every travel advisor should expect from a travel partner to find out more.

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Leverage the human value of travel advisors

Last but not least, every travel advisor able to establish a human interaction with their customers can have an edge over OTAs, travel websites, and other organizations of the travel industries without customer-facing professionals.
Empathy and willingness to help clients can always be a success factor for your customer’s satisfaction, but even more when push comes to shove!

Stay positive and be ready for brighter days

Traveling is often a source of joy and the simple act of planning/booking a trip can be uplifting for everyone, even if the departure is far from the booking date. Every travel professional can have an essential role in helping customers overcome painful periods by planning their next dream holiday. With the right partners and tools, you can be the source of inspiration for your customers!
Find out more about how Bedsonline can help you navigate every challenging situation, being the travel partner you need to keep your customer’s dream intact.

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