10 benefits a travel agent should expect from every travel partner

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

If you're not getting these top exclusive advantages, you may need to change your travel partner.

The best way for every travel agent to compete in today’s travel environment is to choose the right partner. This can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed, but the real question is: how do you make sure that a travel partner is giving you the benefits you need?

To help your travel agency with finding the answer, we have decided to come up with the 10 fundamental benefits a travel partner should offer to your travel agency:


  1. Clear cancellation fee information & Flexible Payments options that suit you

  2. Providing you access to a global network

  3. A wide range of partners to help you satisfy your customer’s needs

  4. Personal discounts & Growing incentives

  5. An efficient travel agent platform & database easy to consult

  6. Exclusive Rates & Offers

  7. A direct channel to manage special requests to suppliers

  8. Easy and reliable quotation tools

  9. FAM trips

  10. Knowledgebase and content to help you 


Clear cancellation fee information & Flexible Payments options that suit you

Flexibility is fundamental for both your business as well as your clients! 
When it comes to booking vacations, it's important to have clear information about cancellation to inform your customers and keep their booking safe in case of emergencies. If you don’t enjoy these advantages from your partner, you may need a change:

  • Flexible refundable rates. You need ‘free cancellation' filters to find the right hotel, and other filters as 'partial cancellation fees', 'cancellation fees not available' or 'non refundable' rates.
  • Multiple cancellations to save you time. It allows you to cancel multiple bookings at once in your booking management section.


Cancellation fees free

Additionally, you should expect the same flexibility also for the payment options, and the booking process! Your ideal travel partner should help you with:

  • Book Now, Pay Later Option. An innovative way to enjoy the flexibility you need with the option to make your bookings and have them confirmed without requiring any payment until 3 days prior to the cancellation penalty. Have a look to the VIDEO DEMO of this option.
  • Local Payments to Save You Money. Each country has its own nuances in terms of payment methods. Bedsonline, for example, works with local banks and partners to provide travel agents with suitable options, saving them costs and commissions, and accepting payment from every possible currency.
  • Flexible Pre-Payment Platform. An essential advantage to manage your pending bookings. It allows you to manage more efficiently the bookings that are pending to be paid, and it even alerts you when the payment dates are due.


Providing you access to a global network

In today’s travel market it is fundamental to have partners that can connect you to a global network. Having a travel partner with suppliers all over the world will allow you to help your customers living their travel experience as locals.

This can be crucial to help your travel agency to compete against the online giants of the travel industry.

Map with Bedsonline Product Portfolio


A wide range of services to help you satisfy your customer’s needs

As a travel advisor, you should choose a travel partner capable of offering you not just hotel services, but as many complimentary services as possible, to be able to provide complete travel package to your customers.

From car rentals to hassle-free transfer, it’s essential to make your customer’s life as easy as it can be.

Activites Portfolio of Bedsonline
Other activities related to Bedsonline travel partner


Personal discounts & Growth incentives

Another important benefit for your agency is an incentive plan that helps you grow as the collaboration goes on, and a range of personal discounts to reward you as a partner.

Whether it’s a set of vouchers, discounts, or credit to be spent with other partners, cooperations featuring these elements can be a sign of a travel partner that cares about your growth, and won’t treat you “just like anyone”.INcentives for travel agents


An efficient travel agent platform & portfolio easy to navigate

Efficient and easy-to-use tools are just as important as the previously mentioned benefits. Otherwise, what’s the point of a huge portfolio of products if you have a slow and complicated platform to make bookings?

The ideal travel agent portal should work as:

  • An all-in-one solution 
  • An efficient booking engine
  • A great comparison tool 

You shouldn’t settle for an average tool, and it’s important to be equipped to fulfill all your customers' needs. Check our guide to the top 10 features an efficient travel agent booking engine should have to find out more!

Booking Engine for travel Agents


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 Exclusive Rates & Offers

The success of your travel agency depends a lot on the access you have to exclusive rates. This is one of the most important benefits you should expect from a travel partner! It allows you to compete against the online giants and will boost your value as a travel professional.

Along with exclusive rates, you should look for a partner able to provide you with tailored relevant and timely offers so you can delight your customers at the right time with promotions relevant to your target audience! 

If you choose to partner up with Bedsonline you will have access to our wide range of seasonal offers! Using a data-driven approach, we have developed a vast set of offers you can use at your convenience in each key season!

Additionally, travel advisors working with Bedsonline have a great Commission Plan. We empower you to choose between commissionable rates or net rates with the ability to customize your margin. Whatever you choose, your commission rate won't be beaten elsewhere.Rates for travel agents


A direct channel to manage special requests to suppliers

Your ideal travel partner shouldn’t be a barrier between you and the service providers! That’s why it is important to choose a partner that can facilitate and allow direct interactions with all the suppliers! 

The benefit of being able to contact a hotel directly to accommodate a special request from your clients can be a key advantage for your success and can be a great value for your customer’s satisfaction.Special request for hotels

Easy and reliable quotation tools

Booking your customer’s vacation can be a long process, that’s why it’s fundamental to have the right quotation tool, that can give you:

  • The flexibility you need to save quotes 
  • Quote research between the ones you saved
  • The option to share them with your customers

This can be extremely beneficial for your daily operations as it can help you to respectfully wait for your customer’s decision process while keeping all the details you need at your fingertips.

Quotes for Travel agents

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FAM trips

FAM trips are one of the best ways for agents to familiarize themselves with the products and services they are offering. The purpose of most of these trips is often educational, but obviously, making a trip to a resort should be considered a benefit! 

If you are working with the best travel partner, it means you are connected to some of the greatest hotels & resorts, Tourism Boards, Airlines, Cruises, theme parks and many other players of Travel Businesses. The more first-hand experience you have with their products, the more you are going to recommend them to your customers. So, it’s a win-win relation. 

These trips allow you to have fun experiences across the country and around the world. You will return with the knowledge and confidence you need to sell those products and even become a guru in that destination.

FAM trip in the Caribbean

Knowledgebase and content to help you 

Last but not least, another benefit you should look for is having access to a knowledge base, a range of templates and other types of informational and educational content. Some learnings that can keep your travel agency productive, competitive, and updated about the latest trends in the travel environment.

Even the most experienced travel advisors can benefit from having tips and tools from partners with reliable business insights!resources in Bedsonline


The travel industry changes at a very fast pace and keeping up with the rise of OTAs and all the travel websites popping up today can be challenging. Luckily the human value of travel agents can still make a difference for many travelers, and with the right partnership, and a good set of benefits, every travel agency can stand up against the online giants, and find their spot in the travel industry.

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