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An Unrivalled Travel Agent Booking Platform


The best features to support your business

Effortless hotel comparisons

The Bedsonline comparison tool allows you to painlessly compare all the features of up to 4 hotels and then print, create a PDF or send by email to your customer.

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Create quotes easily

A new tool has been created to save quotes in an easy and simple way, and share them with your customers while keeping track of their contact details.

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Introducing the most powerful booking engine for travel agents

We have the most powerful booking engine for travel agents, an unrivalled booking platform designed with you in mind.

Loved by more than 60K travel agents, our philosophy is simple: to give our clients a platform that is intuitive, fast and stable.

70% of our clients say the simplicity of our booking platform is the top reason they work with us.

The smartest of the search tools

The hassle of searching has been eliminated. Now you can search by hotel, destination, zone, and even place of interest.

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Intuitive search results

Our ranking algorithm has been developed 100% in house and ranks properties to provide better value search results.

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Quick search refinement with extensive filters 

With over 20 filters available you can very quickly refine your searches based on your clients’ requirements.

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Let us help you shine in front of your customers
Shine in front of your customers!

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Unique features to help you stay ahead are waiting for you

Map tool to find the right hotel in the right location

Sort and filter using our map tool to ensure your customers find the right accommodation in the right place. 

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Integrated cross-selling tool to boost your revenue

Easily add activities, tickets, or shared and private transfers within the same booking process helping you save time and earn more.

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Supercharge your business.
Get access to the most powerful search engine for travel agents.