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24/7 Agent and Customer Support


We are aware of the importance of offering a fast and effective support when you and your clients most need it. That’s why we offer a wide range of customer services to ensure that you get the best solution no matter the situation. Find out what Bedsonline can do for you and your customers.

Ability to resolve issues by yourself

The Bedsonline platform offers self-service tools that will allow you to solve issues at your own convenience. Modify bookings, add special requests, handle complaints and more at any time online.

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Here for you when you need it

We are available for you in your language during your office hours and in emergency situations, our 24/7 multilingual customer relationship centers are on hand whenever you need them and will proactively contact you or your customers if needed.

We have a commitment to deliver a continuously improved customer service in your language with plans to introduce live chat and call back solutions.

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Our call centers feature agents that can respond to you in 19 languages.
Our agents are empowered with a framework to support a quick and smooth resolution.
English, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese speaking agents available 24/7.

Take your business to the next level. Start using Bedsonline and discover how we can help you.