5 Ways to respond to "I want to think about it"

Six words that give you that sinking feeling.

“I want to think about it” - six words that give you that sinking feeling. It’s frustrating, you have put in the hard work but it’s all about to evaporate in front your eyes.

“Sure, no problem” you respond politely, “take your time.”

Because in your gut, you think what they are really saying is “no”. And once they walk out that door or hang up the phone, you think you won’t hear from them again.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, you have to analyze the words a little deeper. You see when a customer says “I want to think about it” what they are really saying is “there is something I am not sure about that I haven’t voiced” or “you are not offering me something I can’t find elsewhere.”

Finding the right response to this depends on what has led up to this point, how much interaction you have had with them and how receptive they have been. 

Here are 5 ways you can respond to try and save the sale:

Bedsonline 5 ways to respond i want to think about it

1. Ask questions to understand the reasons why

If you have spent a lot of time with the customer - building a rapport, researching and gathering materials, it’s fair to ask a few questions as to why. This works both ways - you get a deeper understanding of your customer and potentially find a solution which could secure a booking. And for the customer, if approached in the right way, they will feel that you are genuinely trying to help them. Whatever their reason may be by responding with an open question like “Sure, but do you mind if I ask what’s holding you back?” you will be inviting them to “think about it” on the spot, and this then gives you the opportunity to work through a solution with them.

Bedsonline 5 ways to respond i want to think about it

2.  Ask how to get in touch with them

If they are still not convinced, you can offer to send them a summary of what you have discussed. It may be the case that they need to discuss it with their partner or family member before committing which is completely normal, by sending them a summary you gain two things. Firstly, you stay fresh in their mind and secondly it will give you the opportunity to follow up again to see if they have thought about it. This needs to be approached in the right way otherwise you will feel a pushy salesperson. If you feel comfortable doing so it’s even better you can set a specific time frame to follow up, but make sure to contact them when you promise to.

3. Tell them availability is limited

This one will only work effectively if it’s a last minute booking. By telling them there is limited availability it will put pressure on them to make a decision. They still might not be able to make a decision on the spot, but you can offer to keep them updated so they don’t miss out.

Bedsonline 5 ways to respond i want to think about it

4. Offer to send some more options

This is a good way to keep the conversation going if you feel you still haven’t found what the customer is looking for. It will give you time to step back and look at their requirements with fresh eyes. You then have time to do some deeper research for some out of the box ideas that they might not have thought of. When you do send them something, make sure you send materials like photos that will inspire and can be viewed in a mobile friendly way. Don’t leave it too long before sending or they will already be looking elsewhere.

Bedsonline 5 ways to respond i want to think about it

5. Accept the rejection politely 

Sometimes you might need to accept defeat. If your instincts are telling you that the customer is not being open to what you showing them, it might be worth the time and effort to push them further. Doing so could damage the chances of them returning in the future. This is when to use your original  “Sure, no problem” you respond politely, “take your time.”

Which of these approaches will require you to use your intuition and judge what is best for the individual situation, but with these responses you no longer have to fear to hear those 6 little words.

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