9 questions you need ask yourself when planning your social media

Simple steps to building a killer social strategy

As a modern travel agent, your race is to get to new and existing customers with engaging content so that they all see the benefits of confiding in a travel guru as opposed to using the OTAs.

This race simply must be run with social media marketing by your side. But what are the key questions that you should be asking yourself before you even begin? Well, here at Bedsonline we have 9 burning questions that must be considered when you are stepping into social media…

Bedsonline planning social media

1. What are my objectives?

The very first question you have to ask is “Why am I doing this?”. This simple question helps you guide everything, from the channels you will use to the content that you create.

2. Do I need anything else apart from social media accounts?

What will happen once people have engaged with your content? You need to ask yourself if your website is up-to-scratch with the relevant content and user experience (UX) so that you can either convert your leads into customers or get your existing customers to contact you quickly and easily.

3. How do I plan promotional campaigns?

A big part of your content, especially for existing customers, is to launch promotional campaigns via social networks. Knowing what your customers like, where they want to go and when they want to travel is vital if you are to showcase your offering in the relevant manner. Make sure that you have a yearly calendar drafted which highlights which destinations and products you should be promoting throughout the year, taking into consideration the booking and travel window for each customer type.

Bedsonline planning social media

4. What content should I create?

Apart from promotional content as mentioned in question 3, think about other types of content that will of interest to potential customers. You could write articles or create videos that talk about how to prepare for vacation, or if you really have a deep insight into a destination why not showcase your expertise?

5. Who will be involved in the content creation?

Once you know what content you want to create, do you know how you will actually do it? Remember that you need to have some social imagery to help bring your articles to life, and that videos are the star player for driving clicks, opens and impressions. Maybe you will have to reach out to a designer or someone with video knowledge, maybe even a copywriter… and you need to have a budget for this! Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do everything yourself!

6. What tone of voice should I use?

This may sound like a silly question, but having the right tone of voice will help your content connect with your audience. Do you want to come across as an assertive travel expert or a down-to-earth and value for money travel pro? However you want people to perceive your brand, remember that your written tone of voice is just as important as your spoken tone of voice!

Bedsonline planning social media

7. Which channels are my customers using?

There are many social media channels out there, and they all have different functionalities, user types, geographies etc. Make sure that you investigate them all and choose the right ones based on the answers you find in question number 1.

8. How can I grow my following organically?

When diving into social media, casting a wide net is always beneficial as the snowball effect can bring many views to your brand. This, however, is not easy. Try contacting local influencers or identifying groups and networks who have a large following, and come to an agreement so that you can leverage their followers to get more eyes on you.

9. Should I spend money on paid/sponsored activities?

The alternative to organic is paid. By spending small amounts on paid activities you can really hone in on the right audiences and direct your content specifically to them. Remember to budget for this right from the start and choose wisely once you have answered questions 1 and 7.

Once you have all the answers to these questions, you’ll have yourself a starting of a solid social strategy that will make social media a powerful marketing asset. Remember though, with social media you have to play the long game, there is no quick buck to be made overnight, you’ll need to invest some time and creative thinking but get it right and you’ll reap the rewards long term.

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