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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

If there’s anything travel advisors need (other than an unrivalled booking partner, that is), it’s time.

There’s no doubt that an advisor's role can be challenging: from increasing demand to keeping up-to-date with the latest travel trends, juggling the needs of clients can be a time-consuming endeavor – which is why Bedsonline have developed a suite of self-service tools designed to streamline the way advisors work.

Bedsonline’s artillery of solutions are available to travel advisors and accessible via the Bedsonline website, enabling advisors to manage and modify bookings at their own convenience. The suite is 100% online, which in turn helps advisors to deliver the best-possible experience to their clients. With features such as a multi-cancellation option, the adding or removal of room nights, and simple relocation of hotel reconfirmation numbers, this is one set of tools that today’s advisors should not go without.

Add Special Requests at Any Time

The suite's enhanced booking management panel allows advisors to make special requests on their clients’ behalf, at any time – not just at the point of booking. Take, for example, the instance of a family traveling together: should the guests require a bassinet or even extra sheets/pillows to make their child comfortable, but for some reason neglected to mention this at the point of booking, advisors can now submit the request to the hotel on their behalf. Other common special requests include non-smoking rooms, proximity to elevators, or early/late check-in or check-out. (Please note that all special requests made are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.)

Make Modifications to Your Bookings

In addition to special requests, Bedsonline have made it easy for advisors to make modifications to bookings without assistance. By accessing the bookings panel, you can:

- Add or remove nights on your bookings

- Change the names of the guests staying at the accommodation

- Add rooms to the booking

- Alter how guests are allocated to the booked rooms

- And change the board basis of a booking

Of course, some of the items above will be subject to availability and the relevant charges to your customers (for example, more room nights = more money to be settled by the client), but by making these modifications available for you to complete online, the overall experience for you and your clients will be faster and easier than ever.

Perform Multiple Cancellations in One Go

In the event of cancelled bookings (which may be more common in times of financial uncertainty), accessing each booking and processing cancellations/refunds can be a tedious and inefficient task. Luckily, Bedsonline has introduced a multi-booking cancellation tool: either select the hotels needing to be cancelled or hit ‘cancel all’ to process the action in just a few minutes.

Did you know that Bedsonline allows you to retain any admin fees applied to the booking, regardless of cancellation? The choice to keep or return the fee is entirely in your hands, granting you greater flexibility and control over your earnings.

Easily Relocate Hotel Reconfirmation Numbers

From time to time, travel advisors lose track of the hotel reconfirmation number (different to your Bedsonline booking confirmation number) for certain bookings. Bedsonline have made it easy to find this number again: simply go to your Bookings Panel, search for your specific booking, and you'll find the hotel reconfirmation number by the hotel name.

Find Swift Solutions to Post-Travel Questions

The travel industry is fast moving, which means that rapid reactions and quick turnaround on client queries are intrinsic to an advisor’s success. As well as being a 100% online platform, the self-service suite provides even more ways for an advisor to remain agile, including easy access to the Help Desk. Here, advisors can raise tickets related to post-travel queries or any other booking queries. The benefit here is that any tickets raised via the Help Desk will be given priority over emails or phone calls – and while quick help is as good an incentive as any, Bedsonline are keen to repay advisors who actively embrace their new tools and technology. Which leads us to our final point…

Get Rewarded for Adopting our Self-Service Tools

Adopters of our tools deserve recognition – which is why we at Bedsonline are rewarding top users with a $100 voucher. As described, the self-service suite is designed to save advisors time and to create the best possible experience for clients. Discover the benefits of online booking management by testing the suite today, and see if you and your agency can top the list of users next month!

Why Use our Self-Service Tools?

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