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Local expertise and the right tools produce 500% growth in 2017

Jonathan Guerrero spotted the need for good local advice for travelers visiting Cancun, Mexico, and in 2015 he launched to help tourists get the most out of their visit to the area. By combining his local expertise with an efficient team work ethic and partnering with Bedsonline, the business has gone from strength to strength, read on to find out how the agency saw a staggering 500% growth in 2017. are a travel agency located in Cancun, Mexico who specialize in bringing clients to their destination. Jonathan Guerrero is the owner and started the travel business in 2015, when he realized that his knowledge of his homeland could be used to help those wanting to travel there. Since then he has been helping tourists from Mexico, USA and even further afield create tailor-made vacations to Riviera Maya and Cancun.

To start his business, he needed a partner he could trust to supply him with the best range and prices for hotels, activities and transfers. He chose Bedsonline and hasn’t looked back since. Jonathan relies on Bedsonline not only for the range of products and competitive prices…

What I really like about is how user-friendly it is. I can find what I need quickly because of the easy-to-use search and filters, and when I have selected a product I have all the content I need to provide my customer with. Sometimes I deal with clients over the phone and therefore having access to all this great content, which I can either relay over the phone or later send by email, is really useful.

Working with Bedsonline has meant that the team at have been able to free up their time to focus on other areas of the business and become very successful. In 2017 the business grew to the tune of 500% following a year on year trend. Jonathan Guerrero explained to us exactly how has he got here and how he plans to carry on with this impressive growth…


Jonathan has a very clear strategy. He targets those travelers most interested in visiting Cancun and Riviera Maya and guides them on how to best discover and enjoy their vacation. With so much to do in these destinations, what’s better than getting a local to advise you on what to see, where to stay and where to go? Jonathan explains:

What we really do here is advise people. People want to travel to Cancun and the Riviera Maya but they need someone who really knows the place to give them advice. There is so much to do here and, depending on if it is a couple, family, solo-traveler etc, they will be interested in different things, from the kind of activities they do to the type of hotel they stay in. This is where we can really help out because we know these destinations very well.

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Efficient working practices produce many benefits, both for employees and customers. At the staff are very process-driven and have an ethos of 'not leaving any task pending'. This means that they enjoy a good work/life balance. It also means that their customers enjoy fast response and turnaround times. In today's hyper connected world consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to speed of response, so having this frame of mind means that you'll keep your customers happy all the time. Jonathan wants to ensure that his clients are always happy with the service they provide, and this customer-centric focus therefore has shaped their end-to-end mechanism.

It’s really important to me that nothing is left pending from one day to the next. We close all our tasks before we leave the office but we don’t need to work extra hours. We are a team here who help each other out to make sure that every day we get done what we set out in the team meeting that morning. The daily meetings at the start of the day are vital.


A clear strategy helps you to define you action plan and turn it into tangible steps. Jonathan knows that to keep his business growing, his strategy needs to be to expand into more markets. His tactics are then to take advantage of all the mediums available to reach these markets, and marketing efforts are built around the principles of inbound and digital marketing, leveraging social media to acquire and engage new customers.

We use every medium available, but mainly focus on our online channels to reach new customers. We employ the main social media channels combined with SEO and mobile chat apps to attract customers. Once they are a customer, our fast and high-quality customer service is what brings customers back time after time. We also run a referral program where we send gifts to customers who recommend us to their friends and family, and this works really well.

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Being equipped with the right tools is crucial in every industry, and in the travel business where travelers have a plethora of options for booking vacations, having the right tools could be the difference between keeping or losing customers. At they have built their own CRM to give them a tailor-made tool for storing and using customer data. This data is vital for helping to propose future trips for clients based on their past vacations.

Another tool to have in your arsenal is a partnership with a supplier you can trust to find everything your customers could possibly need, and that is where we come in. Jonathan Guerrero knows that this kind of partnership is what helps him find what his customers are looking for, and not only does he rely on Bedsonline’s vast product portfolio, but he also benefits from the ever-improving user experience at Finding what your customers want quickly and easily means that you have more time to spend on other tasks. This is something important to Jonathan as it boosts productivity and efficiency in his team.

Working with the Bedsonline platform makes life easier for us. Since we began in 2015 we have used to find everything we need, especially when there is no availability with other websites. Bedsonline always seem to have what we are looking for, and at a very good price.


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