Why in 2019 the Right Accommodation Wholesaler is a travel agents greatest ally

How an online booking engine can help you solve your top challenges!

Becoming a travel agent is now easier than ever. In fact, the last few years have seen record growth in membership to the industry. People enjoy the freedom of being a travel agent gives them, and it’s a great niche to exercise your entrepreneurial muscle. Plus, it’s a pretty exciting job. You get to learn new things about every possible place on earth throughout your career. But, it also comes with a unique set of challenges. 

Customers aren’t as loyal, pricing is transparent, and there is so much information overload it can seem especially daunting to organize and customize trips for your customers. What’s a travel agent to do? Below, we’ll discuss how accommodation wholesalers are travel agents best friends. We’ll cover the top challenges travel agents face and how online booking engines can solve these problems.

1. So. Much. Noise.

Let’s face it; in 2018, there’s been a ton of noise out there. It’s not just in the travel niche either. Take one look at your Facebook feed. It’s information overload! This isn’t only a problem for travel agents. It’s also a challenge for your customers. They want all of the information they need for travel in one organized and convenient place, which is why they come to you. You, the travel agent, not only have the information they want, but you can also give them an experience; the experience of having a customized travel plan made just for them with minimal hassle and noise pollution. 

How can accommodation wholesalers, i.e., online booking engines, help travel agents cut through the noise?

Well, everything, from the initial transfer to the hotel, to the tours and the activities, is all available in one convenient system. Online booking engines give travel agents the power to browse through thousands of accommodations from all over the world. They can search for hotels within their client’s budgets, along with tours and unforgettable activities that will make their customers’ travels an adventure they’ll never forget. 

2. Choice is a Double-edged Sword

Too much choice means information overload and noise. But harnessed correctly, choice is a good thing. With an online booking engine, agents are giving a broad range of options for all parts of travel. Online booking engines have extensive accommodation portfolios. Agents can accommodate customers looking for luxury travel options, and also the budget conscious. With everything in one convenient place, it’s much easier for travel agents to find everything they’re looking for. Travel planning has never been easier with the help of an online booking engine. 

3. Communication 

Even if you’re good about communicating with your customers and your team, things can easily get lost in translation. Online booking engines offer a bit of an insurance policy against communications snags. How so? Well, online booking engines give automatic confirmation of any booking. They facilitate easy communication between travel partners, suppliers, and their customers. If you’re able to communicate effectively between all points of reference, you’ll start to gain a reputation for better customer service and support.

4. Differentiation

There are a handful of companies that have a stranglehold on the travel market. Also, the sharing economy has led to a decrease in customer loyalty. It’s crucial for travel agents to differentiate themselves further in a crowded market. If you want to gain more qualified leads and turn them into loyal customers, you have to bring something extra to the table. 

What is it that most people want from their travel agent?

  • Good support and service
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A wealth of knowledge of the travel industry
  • Convenience 
  • Quick to accommodate

Online booking engines can help you differentiate yourself in an otherwise crowded market. You’ll delight your customers with specialized knowledge of the places they want to see and visit. And best of all, you can do it quickly and conveniently. Online booking engines also allow secure communication between you, the suppliers, your team, and your clients. To capture a more significant market share, an accommodation wholesaler is the greatest ally for your travel business in 2018.


5. Documentation

Increasing demand for hotels, flights, travel packages and reservations means increased paperwork and documentation. Ever run into a problem with documentation? It’s a nightmare to sort through. You waste precious time, lose money, and can aggravate customers and your team. An online booking engine keeps all of the critical documentation stored in one place. You can easily keep track of invoices, booking confirmations, travel product information, and much more through the B2B portal. 

While it’s true that competition is fierce in the travel industry, enterprising agents have many tools at their disposal to grow their business. And online booking engines offer some of the most convenient and sophisticated technology to help agents grow their sales and increase their customer loyalty in 2018. 
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