TOP 10 specializations to meet the domestic travel demand

In a market completely reshaped by restrictions on international mobility, domestic travels will be on the rise for the near future and every travel advisor should start thinking about how to address this soon to be growing demand. Travel specializations can be key in helping your agency thrive during these times. Being a specialized advisor can make you stand out from the crowd, and can widen your expertise to a bigger range of unique selling points.

We have analyzed several travel niches,  and taking into account how profitable they are, how much they fit with domestic travel and the new needs of the travel industry, have drawn up our top 10 specializations that will help your travel agency address the domestic travel demand.

#10- Short vacations

Weekend getaways or overnight stays  can be a valuable resource when there is a limited amount of destinations you can offer as a travel advisor! Having a wide range of offers for short getaways and trips, might not seem extremely profitable from a first glance, but can guarantee a high rate of returning customers, as satisfied travelers are very likely to try new experiences.

Nearly 60% of travelers will go for summer weekend getaways more than 3 times per year

#9- Pet-friendly travel

As reported by a Condor Ferries study, pet-travel will be a relevant travel trend for 2020.
Planning a vacation with a pet is complex – it requires a fine balance between the right transportation, animal-friendly hotels and plenty of restaurants and bars where pets are welcome – so specialize in pet-friendly travel and you’ll be able to sell yourself as the simple answer to a difficult problem.

2 million domestic animals travel on commercial flights every year.

#8- Rural tourism

As the urbanization process continues in many countries, travelers all over the world have a growing need to stay in touch with nature and have a break from being surrounded by buildings and cement! Offering rural tourism is a great solution to address this need and guaranteeing some differentiation to a travel advisor’s portfolio of offers.

Rural tourists make 16% of global travel booking

#7- Honeymoon, weddings and romantic getaways

It’s estimated that 1.4 million couples go on honeymoon each year, and the industry is worth $12 billion. Honeymoons and weddings are a big profit-maker for travel advisors. The average honeymoon/wedding specialist makes $45,343, according to the travel agent income survey, so pick this niche if you’re passionate about romance and cash. Here’s how travel advisors can specialize in honeymoons/weddings:

  • Keep on top of new wedding trends
  • Brush up your customer service skills – this market prioritizes great service
  • Join the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA)

Couples are willing to spend on average 3 times more on their honeymoon - average length of their trip: between 7 and 9 days

#6- Culinary & wine tourism

This type of tourism has seen a huge boost riding the wave of the growth in popularity of culinary tv shows. As we can see from a BusinessWire report on culinary travel, this travel trend is expected to keep growing. Eating and drinking local products when going on vacation has become one of the most important factors for travelers all over the world, and as food is often one of the biggest expenses for travelers, planning tours, and culinary experiences can be an attractive resource to sponsor domestic travel!

80% of tourists will research about local food and drinks while traveling- The Culinary travel market is expected to grow by $82 billion by 2023

#5- Sustainable and Eco-tourism

Selling and advertising sustainable products can help you gain new clients, and attract higher-spending ones. Tourists who care about the environment and want to travel responsibly are likely to stay longer, spend more, and want to move around their destination.
Check our guide for travel agents to green and sustainable travel to find out more!

>30% of travelers are worried about the effect of tourism in their home countries- More than 80% of travelers worldwide would opt to travel sustainably

#4- Adventure travel

With an average length of their trips over 7 days, adventure travelers can be an interesting segment in which you can specialize as a travel advisor. Activities, as a matter of fact, can be one of the biggest motivations for travelers to explore their surroundings. Some ideas on how to specialize in adventure travel are:

  • Embrace your own sense of adventure
  • Join local adventure-related networks like hiking or rock-climbing groups
  • Pay attention to trending domestic destinations and activities

Each adventure traveler spends on average  $3000 per trip -Expected value growth of the Adventure travel market

#3- Solo travel

More than 10% of solo travelers will choose to book with a travel advisor. Combine this with the new social distancing measures currently in place, and you can see why it is relevant for every travel agency to have tailored-made products and services addressing solo traveler’s needs. Feel free to check out our solo travel guide to deep dive into this matter!

Solo traveler make 18% of global travel booking-Average length of the trip > 15 days

#2- Luxury travel

This specialization is one of the most profitable ones, and it can be one of the biggest leverages for travel advisors to sell national travels to customers who would have otherwise opted for international routes. Some ideas to know how to specialize in luxury travel:

  • Align yourself with luxury by joining a relevant network or consortium
  • Get on luxury fam trips to boost your knowledge
  • Subscribe to luxury travel trade magazines

US Travel agents average income $42000> Us advisors specialized in Luxury travels: $58,688-Expected value growth of the luxury travel market: $891 billion 2018 > Over $1000 billion 2026

#1- Business travel

Business travel was proven to be one of the few crisis-proof niches of the travel industry. With the limitation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, business travelers have been the first ones to regain their traveling habits, and with international travel bans still in place, many businesses will need to focus on their domestic markets. Companies are often relying on travel agencies to arrange business trips for their employees, and this specialization can offer a stable source of income to travel advisors.

Business travel market value is set to reach $1.7 trillion globally by 2022- > 50% of companies will encourage business travelers to extend their trip for leisure activities

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Travel agents and agency owners are currently experiencing the biggest crisis the modern travel industry has ever seen. Domestic travel will for sure be the biggest and safest trend for 2020, and these specializations can make your life as a travel advisor much easier! Find out more about how we can help you navigate through every adversity downloading our latest ebook!

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