The Best Countries For Remote Work

Friday, August 19, 2022

Remote work is here to stay, and your clients are embracing the new normal of 'work from anywhere'. Here are 7 need-to-know destinations to help you sell a remote working holiday.

Post-pandemic has changed business forever and with hundreds of companies across the world shunning the office for a remote set-up, there are  more remote workers in the global workforce than ever before. Figures estimate that by the end of this year, over 30% of global workers will be doing their jobs from home – or anywhere.

Whether you’re a travel advisor looking for a change of scenery or you are helping your clients find the perfect place to set up shop for a few weeks or even months, these remote work destinations must be on your radar.


Visa rules: Digital Nomad Visa for one year

Cup of coffee: £1.60

When to go: May through September

One of the many countries to launch new visas for remote workers during the pandemic, Estonia is indeed one of the most suitable for anyone looking to laptop their way around a new location. Tallinn, its capital, has excellent wi-fi speeds and cellular connectivity, and plenty of shared office space and co-working spots. Estonia is a small but creative country, with some fascinating history preserved in the capital’s old town or in the many imposing castles dotted around its rural landscapes.


Visa rules: ESTA for up to 90 days (multiple entry)

Cup of coffee: £2

When to go: Year-round

Choosing somewhere to base yourself in the USA could be tricky, as this vast country has 50 vast and varied states with their own unique cultures. Tech workers might be interested in California, where Silicon Valley has spawned some of the most well-known companies and technologies we use today. Creatives might prefer New York City – a hub for fashion, culture, art and music. Florida has the climate for those seeking sunshine (and spectacular beaches), while destinations like New Orleans and Austin will tempt those with an appetite for good food. Wherever you or your clients choose, though, there will be good wi-fi and cellular connection throughout.


Visa rules: eTA for up to six months (multiple entry)

Cup of coffee: £1

When to go: Year-round

If it’s inspiration by nature your clients crave, book them flights to Canada. Summer or winter, this country has some of the most majestic mountain vistas – usually with a turquoise lake nearby for canoeing adventures or wild swims – and plenty of alpine cabins from which to work. Wi-fi and cellular coverage throughout its most popular areas are excellent – such as mountain resorts like Jasper, Whistler and Lake Louise – and the cost of living here is relatively low. If big cities are your clients’ bag, then Toronto or Vancouver will delight. The latter is an island city where weekends can be spent getting into the wilderness and meeting First Nations people in the surrounding nature reserves.


Visa rules: Tourist visa for up to 90 days

Cup of coffee: £1.95

When to go: March through October

Forget supermarket sushi for lunch at work – send your clients to Tokyo for a remote working break and they’ll get the freshest raw fish out there from Japan’s biggest seafood market. A city of staggeringly modern technology and sky-high buildings, it lends itself to a remote work break perfectly, with great connectivity throughout. Its historic sights are mesmerising, especially when juxtaposed against the modernity of the glass and steel beyond them, and weekend trips to other cities like Kyoto or Hiroshima will delight any remote worker. Japan’s transport system is second-to-none, too, meaning your clients can easily get around quickly to see more of the country.


Visa rules: Tourist visa for up to 90 days or Premium Visa for up to a year

Cup of coffee: £1.20

When to go: October through December

This Indian Ocean island nation is a spectacular place from which to send your emails. Be it cocktails on the beach while you type or post-work rounds of golf on its many fairways, Mauritius offers a brilliant base for any remote worker. Its climate is always warm, often reaching 30-degrees Celsius in summertime, and its hotels have excellent, reliable wi-fi for any essential video calls. There may be no better backing track to work than the sound of the warm, clear ocean lapping on a Mauritian white-sand beach.


Visa rules: Remote work visa up to a year

Cup of coffee: £4

When to go: Year-round

Whether it’s the glitzy city vibes of Dubai, the culture in Abu Dhabi or the beaches in Ras Al Khaimah that tempt your clients to the UAE, the good news is that they can experience it all in one remote working trip. Settle them in Dubai and they’ll be just a short drive from the country’s two other dynamic cities, as well as handsome Sharjah where they can spend weekends reef diving or exploring offshore islands. Of course, Dubai has plenty to entertain for a full year – wild nightlife, its own excellent beaches and shopping aplenty for those in need of retail therapy. Plus – it’s always hot here and it rarely rains.

South Africa

Visa rules: Possible introduction of remote work visa soon; tourist visa up to 90 days

Cup of coffee: £1.48

When to go: September through March

South Africa has countless incredible locations for remote working. Be it the hip, trendy cafes and co-working spaces of Johannesburg’s Maboneng district or winelands near Cape Town, there’s plenty to love about remote working here. Good wi-fi and cellular network are a given throughout its urban spaces, and incredible adventures into the wild – think breezy beaches near Durban or the arid bushland where lions roam – await at weekends. Your clients will love the breadth of activities on offer, too, from human rights tourism at Mandela’s House and Robben Island to the arts and culture on offer at Cape Town’s many museums.

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