5 features online booking engines for travel agents must have

What makes a good booking engine the best booking engine?

Having access to a powerful booking engine can make your life much easier. A good booking engine should be smart enough to quickly provide you with access to a great hotel portfolio while offering a wide selection of complementary products. But what else does it takes to be the best booking engine for travel agents? Keep reading! 

1. Extensive Filters created with your clients in mind 

Every customer has their own particular needs and requests when booking a hotel, and quickly understanding and providing solutions to those needs is sometimes vital. That’s why, with over 20 filters available, Bedsonline booking engine makes things easier for you and your clients. 

You can refine your search by board, category, area, point of interest, customer review (TripAdvisor) and many more. Are your customers travelling with their dog? Narrow down the searches with the Pet-Friendly Hotel filter. Do they want to stay next to the Eiffel Tower? Search by Point of Interest. Organizing a honeymoon? Filter by Adults Only, Hotels with Charm or Hotels with Spa. 

This, together with a portfolio tailored to your market needs, will become your best friend when looking for hotels for your customers. You will be able to quickly provide a wide offer that is tailored to your customer’s specific needs.  

2. A map tool that actually works 

Many booking engines for travel agents feature a flashy map tool that we just use a couple of times and then forget about it. Why? Because sometimes those map tools are not user-friendly, don’t show enough information, don’t allow the use of extensive filters or they are just slow and frustrating. This is really bad as, for some customers location is everything, and having a map tool that really works could make a huge difference. 

That’s why the map view on the Bedsonline booking platform that shows all the hotels' results is powered by Google Maps. It also keeps it all in the same window as your results. Navigating back and forth from Map to List views is seamless with just one click. 

All the extensive filters available in List view can also be used in Map view. You also get a snapshot of the hotel’s info and can book the hotel directly from the map. Easy, fast, accurate. Pretty nice, right? 

3. A comparison tool to make things easier 

In variety is the taste and your customers know it. To delight them, sometimes providing them just a good offer is not enough: they want to see, compare and make sure they are making the right choice. To do so, in many booking engines for travel agents you will have to go through multiple tabs and windows, which ends up being tedious and complicated for both you and your customers.  

The Bedsonline comparison tool allows you to painlessly compare all the features of up to 4 hotels, side by side in the same window and then print, create a PDF or send by email to your customer. It is easy to use, with a clean, attractive design and a professional look that will make you shine in front of your customers.

4. A cross-selling tool to boost your revenue 

Being able to offer a wide range of products is great for both you and your customers. While they get a richer experience in their trip, you maximize your sales and boost your revenue. That’s why having a cross-selling tool integrated into your booking engine to seamlessly add activities, transfers or car rentals is such a great idea. 

With Bedsonline’s cross-selling tool you can easily add activities, tickets, or shared and private transfers within the same booking process, saving you time and helping you earn more. And it goes beyond that, proactively suggesting you the best activities based on your customers’ interests.  

5. A booking manager to have everything under control 

Sometimes problems arise, and you need to provide a quick answer to your customers. That’s why you need to have all the tools to make any changes at the tip of your fingers.  

Having a responsive, well-organized and easy-to-use booking manager is a top demanded feature by travel agents. With Bedsonline’s booking manager you can forget about phone calls or e-mails to your providers. Whether is modifying or cancelling a booking, you’ll be able to do it with just a couple of clicks and getting instant confirmation. 

Extensive filters, useful features such as the map, the comparison and the cross-selling tools, a powerful booking manager… All those features have one thing in common, they have been designed with your needs in mind by active listening to travel agents’ feedback, thinking on their real needs and trying to build a product that meets their highest expectations. Combine those features with a locally sourced portfolio tailored to your market needs and our 360º value offer designed to make your business flourish and there you have it: the best booking engine for travel agents in the industry. 

Bedsonline A guide to the premier online booking engine for travel agents

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