4 Reasons why every travel agent needs a personal Account Manager

Your account manager will help you stay competitive!

As a successful travel agent, you know that to outstand in the ever-changing travel business you need as many useful tools as possible: access to a portfolio tailored to your market, cutting-edge technology that enables you to provide a unique service to your customers and… as much help as possible to accomplish your goals. How can we provide you with that help and support to boost your sales and grow your business? By introducing you to your Bedsonline Account Manager. 

What can an Account Manager do for you? 

An account manager is not only in charge of making sure that our platform delivers a seamless eCommerce experience to every travel agent. They will help you push your business forward, help you whenever you need it during the process and who will gladly go the extra mile to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.  

In Bedsonline we believe that if we want to succeed, you have to succeed. That’s why our account managers go far beyond just offering our services, they are your personal consultant and work hand in hand with you to ensure that you have all the resources needed to grow your business.

They have one goal in mind: to help your business flourish 

Bedsonline account managers have all the knowledge to help your business flourish. With deep knowledge of the tourism sector and drawing on their extensive experience, your account manager can help you identify the products your customers will love, implement cross-selling and up-selling strategies or help you with your marketing activities.  

In the challenging travel industry, you need every advantage you can get. That's why one of our account managers top priorities is to make sure you receive every update before anyone else. To do so, your Bedsonline account manager will make sure that you are updated with all the new offers and deals that might be interesting to your customers, as well as the most useful industry insights curated specifically for you. 

They can help you create your business strategy 

Have you ever heard ''Fail to plan, and you'll plan to fail''? This might be one of Benjamin Franklin's most famous quotes, but you'll also hear it a lot from marketing experts, and that's because every business needs a short and long-term strategy to success. 

Without it, there's no way to achieve your goals, grow or even make the right decisions. A strategic plan helps you work on your business strengths and weaknesses and tells you which products and services are having a positive impact on your customers. But as you can imagine, this takes a lot of experience, time and that's, unfortunately, something that not many travel agents have.  

That's when an account manager comes into action. They consistently study your business to ensure that whatever products or services we offer you will match your goals and will help you increase your revenue, even when your objectives change. 

They have the insights that will keep you one step ahead 

Having access to data is really a game changer in the ever-changing travel sector. Trends, market insights, platform usage, users’ preferences… your Bedsonline account manager will provide you with useful insights that you can use when dealing with your customers. What are the most searched destinations? What is trending in the travel sector? What is the best month to visit Paris? All those questions and many more will be answered by your personal consultant. 

While some other booking engines also offer access to data, Bedsonline is part of Hotelbeds, one of the biggest players in the tourism sector worldwide. That means that our account managers have access to a rich and huge database that can provide you with unique insights that only the big players can access to. This makes a big difference when planning your marketing campaigns, setting up your goals or defining your target audience. 

They are surrounded by a team of experts dedicated to ensuring you stay competitive 

Hotel optimization team, transfers, activities and car rentals experts, finance and marketing experts… your account manager has access to an entire ecosystem to support your business. All those teams work together to take your business to the next level. Whenever a problem arises, they have direct contact with key stakeholders to make sure you get the most efficient solution. 

Having a committed account manager willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you get all tools and resources needed to success makes a huge difference. Support from a team of experts, access to unique insights, a large number of marketing resources and direct contract with a travel expert can have a huge positive impact on your travel agency. Want to know more? 

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