3 things travel agents can do to instantly boost customer loyalty

Keeping your clientele happy is easier than getting new customers!

Acquiring new customers is one of the hardest jobs travel agents have. Attracting them with an appealing offer is expensive, challenging, and requires a lot of time and effort. That’s why, once you have gone through the whole process of convincing someone to try your services, you need to make sure they won’t look anywhere else next time!

Getting a first-time customer to become a returning customer is key to maximize your return on investment (ROI). You have invested money in advertising and marketing and just one sell won’t be enough.  But don’t worry, boosting customer loyalty is easier than acquiring new customers! And with these three tips, it will become even easier. Read on!

1. Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool!

We have already talked about the benefits of using a CRM tool in your business. If you still don’t use one, you should start today! Check out our five favorite CRM tools that are free to use, so you don’t have any excuses. A CRM tool can be a game-changer when it comes to making new sales to your current customers. Why? Because by tracking their buying behaviors and keeping in touch with them, you´ll better know what to sell them and when!

Follow-up e-mails, newsletters with special deals, and customized e-mails based on their preferences… the opportunities for engagement are endless. Get personal, ask them for feedback, ask them about their last trip, show them that you care by asking if anything went wrong, the highs and the lows. Everything you know will help you come up with a new unique offer for them. A few years ago, keeping the conversation was not as easy or cheap as it is now! So, take advantage of it and keep the conversation going, it will be sure to pay off in the long run!

2. Reward your customers and make them feel special!

Almost every single airline and hotel chain has its own loyalty program. Why? Because it works. Sure, it may seem come at a cut of your profits in the beginning, but it will always be cheaper than acquiring new customers and you will attract frequent travelers that want to take the most of your loyalty program. More sales = more profits!

What type of discounts can you offer? A good rule is to calculate the average amount of money invested in acquiring customers and dedicating a third of that sum to your loyalty program. Think about offering exclusive offers, discounts, upgrades or gifts to make them feel appreciated and you’ll see your customers loyalty boosted straight away!

3. Build a solid community to engage your customers!

Social media is your best ally. Not only can social media acquire you new customers but it also maintains existing customer engagement! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all digital spaces where you can have a casual conversation with your customers, so they keep you in mind, especially when they plan their next holiday.  

Listen to your customers, pay attention to what they like and plan your social media strategy accordingly. Plan, plan, plan and be present! Use a social media calendar to schedule your posts and comment, ask for feedback and interact with your audience.

There are no secrets when it comes to social media. Just be present, make sure your customers feel you are there for them and be constant, it will pay off!

Start applying these 3 tips, keep at it, and see the results! Remember, it is always cheaper to keep your current customers than to acquire new ones, so show off what you still have to offer them! 


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