6 tips for easy up and cross-selling for travel agents

Firstly, know the difference!

Cross-selling: Recommending a product that’s relevant to the one they have already purchased. E.g. an activity or transfer. 

Upselling: Offering a higher price product than their initial purchase. E.g. a room upgrade.

If you’re not doing either of these you could be leaving money on the table. Done right, both tactics enable you to increase sales while helping customers at the same time.

Upselling or cross-selling should not be taken lightly, success hinges on a few crucial factors that can spell disaster if not done correctly.

If you sell a product that’s irrelevant or if you’re selling in such a way that you’re coming off as pushy, then you’ll not only fail to convert the customer, but you might even lose the original sale and the confidence of your customer. We’ve put together 6 easy tips that you can put in action right away to unlock the potential revenue boost of successful up and crossing selling.

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