Highlights of Puerto Rico


The surprising seaside highlights of Puerto Rico

This small but beautifully-formed Caribbean island offers an idyllic escape for your clients. Think warm waters for sensational swimming and snorkelling, and pristine beaches perfect for sunbathing.

But there’s more to Puerto Rico’s coastline than beaches and sea views. Here are a few of the more intriguing things you’ll find on the ocean-front in Puerto Rico:

1. A glow in the dark bay
It’s official: Puerto Rico has the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay. According to the Guinness World Records, Mosquito Bay – just off the Puerto Rican mainland on the smaller island of Vieques – is the most dazzling of all the areas in the world where the glow-in-the-dark plankton, known as dinoflagellates, thrive. 

The phenomenon is quite incredible to witness – come darkness, millions of these bright organisms become visible to the naked eye as the waves lap upon the shore. The beach looks as if bright blue glitter has been sprinkled across it each time the water recedes, and swimmers in the ocean glow with every movement as they disturb the plankton. 

Whether viewed from the shore, or even upon the water in a kayak or small boat, your clients will never forget the sight of the glow-in-the-dark bay in Puerto Rico. 

2. An old Spanish castle and walled city
Perched on a promontory in San Juan, on the north of mainland Puerto Rico, Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a surprising sight. This huge fortress-like castle is a 16th-century citadel, built by the Spanish in the 1500s and used right up until 1961 when the US retired the structure. 

Today, this important piece of Puerto Rican history is well worth a visit. Send your clients here and not only will they get a fascinating insight into the island’s 500 year history, but also spectacular views out to a seemingly endless ocean. 

3. A wildlife refuge
On the island’s southwest coast, Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge is a stunning landscape that teems with intriguing creatures. Its protected beaches, dry forests and mangroves are the perfect habitat for all manner of wildlife, from frogs and toads to lizards and birds. Your clients might yellow-shouldered blackbirds or bright yellow mangrove warblers, or even Cuban tree or yellow-eyed frogs. 

The visitor center here is a brilliant place to understand the ecosystems that define the Caribbean, but the best thing for your clients to do is get out there and explore the nature trails by foot.  

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