Millennials: 8 maneras en que los agentes de viajes pueden venderles mejor

Saque el máximo provecho de la generación más numerosa

Millennials are currently the largest generation in history. Generally identified as people between 20 and 36 years old, by 2020 they will have a total purchasing power of 1.4 trillion dollars  [1] ... Yes, that means a lot of zeros!

Millennials  do things very differently from the generations that preceded them, especially when it comes to travel.

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Are you ready for millennials?


Forget about marketing methods like magazine ads, direct mailing campaigns and radio spots. For millennials, these methods are impersonal, they lack all substance and were only created with the content of their portfolios in mind.

When it comes to shopping, millennials want to feel connected and involved. In general, millennials usually spend an average of 25 hours [2] per week online watching, most of the time, content-based media.

They are constantly searching for content through websites, blogs and social networks, because they feel that the information they find there strengthens them. And the good thing about this for travel agents is that 80% of millennials [3] say they regularly look at articles about travel and photos online, while two-thirds of them watch videos related to travel ... You already know what What does this mean, right? Opportunities!

Consider the interests of these readers and use their channels on social networks to share content that is useful and informative for them. A publication on your blog should focus on educating customers about destinations, travel planning and all other relevant content. This will help you build a solid relationship with your clients, since they will appreciate your honesty.


Millennials do not use the services of travel agents. They had already told him, right?

However, statistics indicate that it is only a myth. Of those who used the services of a travel agent in the last 5 years, 92.4% [4] said that this improved their tourism experience and almost 60% [5] was willing to pay a little more for having the experience of a travel agent. Come on! Give me five!

Let's be honest, the customer service of the big brands is not what it used to be in the old days, something that frustrates millennials. For them, a personalized and quality service is of great value. Show them your courage, making them see that their knowledge can make their travel experience unforgettable and they will reward you for it.

How do I do it? You must ask yourself at this moment. Well, we already told you in point 1!


Millennials are the first generation to grow with technology at their fingertips and, as a result, they are accustomed to being connected to several devices at the same time. Their favorite device is the smartphone: 49% [6] of them use them when it comes to organizing their trips and 35% [7] to reserve them.

Therefore, you must ensure that all your digital display cases, from your website to your blog and your social media posts, are optimized for mobile devices. You have very little time to attract your attention, 12 seconds to be exact, and if they get frustrated because something is not working well, they will give up trying and lose them forever.

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Millennials are the most open mind generation so far and like to believe that they are the next great explorers of the free world. They want to know new cultures in depth, enjoy the local cuisine and be the protagonists of adventures out of the ordinary.

What they want is to live authentic and meaningful experiences, especially those that they can share with everyone on Facebook!

When searching online travel content, 74% [8] of them seek information about destinations, while 64% [9] search for information on travel, 60% [10]  on accommodation and 51% [ 11] on offers. Its content should show experiences that are attractive to most of them and that satisfy their adventurous nature, such as rafting or eating noodles at a street stall in Vietnam.


76% [12] of the millennials say that the recommendations of their friends are their greatest influence on travel and 80% [13] feel that travel comments have a significant weight on their decisions.

How can travel agents use this for their benefit?

Your current customers exert influence over the travel plans of your friends and family. Encourage them and give them incentives to document and share their amazing experiences. Ask them to write reviews, publish photos and videos, which you will then share through their own channels. They will trust more in these relevant and authentic comments than in any other information that you can post.

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Social platforms and Google have some powerful tools to target certain segments. This means that, once you have produced great content, you can promote it through these tools, to make sure it can be seen by the right people.

These tools give you multiple options, such as location, age, gender, interests and more so that your audience is as wide or as narrow as you want. There is also an option that allows you to promote your followers and your friends, something useful when it comes to these incredible reviews. Do not you think it's smart?


Yes, this word exists. Well more or less.

Millennials like to mix business with pleasure, and it is increasingly common to extend their business trips for a few days to enjoy a mini vacation. This is what they intelligently call "Bleisure", the mix of business and leisure.

One study showed that 62% [14] of millennials are more likely to prolong their trips than their older peers. Facilitate, then, the task and you will find an excellent way to generate additional income.

During their business trips, millennials also like to spend their free time doing some activity or discovering a local culture. This seems to be a good opportunity to practice some cross-selling and sell them an unforgettable experience!

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The "9 to 5" lifestyle no longer exists. Millennials are always connected and you should be. But, not only are they looking at social networks to enjoy photos and stories of historical places, but they also consult them to decide where to go, when to go and what to do once they are there. This means that you should be available to answer your questions. Providing answers publicly or through private messages is a great way to show that you are a true tourism professional! Establish a relationship of trust with them and soon they will become customers.

Millennials have grown up with many media outlets at their fingertips and travel agents who understand that they need to connect with them on their terms, with honest, informative and empowering content will win the hearts of this generation almighty Use these 8 tips as a guide to find out what millennials respond to and what matters most to them. Maybe you get the great boost you were looking for for your company.

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