Our portfolio just got supersized!

Monday, February 8, 2021


At Bedsonline, we are committed to being the definitive partner for travel agencies in 2021, and we are working harder than ever to achieve this goal. We aim to provide you with the best selection of hotels, activities and transfers all in one place!

Therefore, with great excitement, we can announce that our portfolio just got even bigger, giving you endless possibilities to choose from.


In the US alone we have added 13,558 new hotels in more than 1400 destinations.

Among others, we would like to highlight our top 20 domestic destinations below (just to name a few)

 Los Angeles  555
 New York  262
 California Coast  226
 Houston  209
 San Francisco  166
 San Diego  163
 Dallas  137
 Chicago  134
 Miami  130
 San Jose - Silicon Valley  121
 Orlando  117
 Fort Lauderdale  117
 Myrtle Beach  117
 Seattle  106
 Phoenix  105
 California Wine Country  93
 Boston  88
 New Orleans  83
 Cape Cod  81
 Washington D.C.  79


And our top 10 international destinations below

 Rome  2438
 Bali  1960
 Paris  994
 London  793
 Mexican Caribbean  552
 Barcelona  311
 Sydney  295
 Montreal  144
 Puerto Rico  95
 Dubai  79


Why not take a look for yourself and see what's new?


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