Domestic travel: the fuel for tourism’s recovery.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

The current and sudden high level of demand for domestic travel from the world’s biggest source markets is now widely recognised. To give your customers more choice, we have added 480+ hotels across the United States and Canada, which are live and ready to book now.

The unpredictability of these post-COVID-19 days is generating new needs for travelers all over the world.

The need to adapt to this high-pace changing environment is crucial for every travel professional, and as we have successfully achieved this through the crisis, our goal during this period is to assist our partners in solidifying their position in the travel industry.

We are working constantly to identify trends and opportunities for growth we can share with our expanding network, and boost the recovery of the travel industry!

Having our finger on the pulse of the travel industry, we have designed a summer campaign that aims to address the biggest travel trend for the season: Domestic travel!

Domestic travels are perceived as safer, cheaper, and more efficient in terms of time-management by the majority of customers, and even if from a travel professional’s point of view, these seem to be less remunerative opportunities than international ones, in today’s environment, national travel represents the best chance for the revival of your business!

Bedsonline offers you the complete package to address and satisfy your customer’s needs for the growing domestic travel trend with:

  • Wider coverage of domestic travel solutions

With the best deals and agreements from our global travel distributors, in every specific local market, you will have access to the widest network of travel partners, satisfying any need your customers might have. 

  • Flexible and refundable rates

The decision-making process for travel booking can be long and complex. Offering the peace of mind your customers need when it comes to traveling can be decisive! We are implementing the offer of fully refundable rates to help you keep your customer’s dreams safe.

  • Secured availability through the whole existing portfolio

We are committed to secure the availability of all our offers and to achieve this, we work along with the most reliable travel partners worldwide. We are assisting them with data-driven analysis, reliable forecasts, and detailed information about the current demand, helping them make informed decisions

At Bedsonline we strongly believe that the healing of the travel industry starts from local communities, and we are willing to share our global expertise to assist, and fuel the recovery for every travel business worldwide.

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