The 6 Key Stages of the Customer Journey
Understand the core stages of your customers’ journey with our easy guide!

Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered how your customer moves along their journey from awareness through to purchasing with you, then this guide is for you!

From the essential beginning ‘trigger’, to how loyal customers can become your biggest advocates, it’s important to understand these core stages of the customer journey to ensure success as travel advisors.

In our guide, we explore:

  • The 6 core stages of the customer journey from the ‘Trigger’ to the ‘Promotion’ stage.
  • Some of the challenges that might present themselves.
  • How you can equip yourself for success at every stage.
  • The importance of using dedicated tools such as our Booking Engine and The Compass to help you appeal to – and keep! – your ideal audiences.


Download the full guide for more!