Ways To Rekindle Your Relationships With Former Top Clients

Friday, Aug 25, 2023

Discover key win-back strategies for previously high-performing clients that can boost your success as a travel advisor! 

Did you know that neglecting customer retention could end up costing you five times more for acquisition, than if you re-engaged previous customers? Too many brands overlook this critical part of the customer relationship, omitting customer retention and re-engagement from their strategies. 

This ends up costing a great deal not only in acquisition, but also in opportunities to build lifetime value, loyalty and reputation.

But we want to change that for you.

In our handy guide, we look at:
•    Simple but effective ways you as a travel advisor can rekindle relationships with former top clients
•    Why customer re-engagement is so important 
•    How to reduce customer drop off 

Download our free guide today for key insights into how you can improve your customer experience, and why focusing on winning back former high-performing clients can boost your reputation as a travel advisor.