US Domestic Travel: an agent’s guide to selling this trend

The essential US domestic travel trends you need to know to boost sales in the coming year

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022

Although travel has recovered somewhat since the start of the pandemic, unfortunately, international travel is not yet back up to previous levels and many Americans still prefer to travel domestically in the hopes of avoiding complications with restrictions and lockdowns in other countries.

Selling domestic travel is very different to selling international travel, so how exactly do you go about doing it? With our in-depth e-book, you’ll learn how to package your domestic travel offers to make them more attractive and cash in on opportunities.

You will discover who to target for domestic trips and which types of domestic travel to specialize in to attract the most people. You’ll find all the tips you need as a travel advisor to boost your sales in 2022 and become the ultimate domestic travel expert.

In this e-book, you’ll find out…

  •  What customers want from US domestic travel trips
  •  Who your top target audience profiles are
  •  Where in the US domestic travelers are going and why
  •  Ideas on how you can sell domestic travel offers
  •  A selection of the best niches and specializations

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US Domestic Travel: an agent’s guide to selling this trend