The Ultimate Guide to Facebook for Travel Agents

Start using Facebook to its real potential!

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Start using Facebook to its real potential!


Download the Ultimate guide to Facebook for travel agentsHere’s what you’ll learn if you download today:

    •    Why you should love Facebook
    •    How to set up your account
    •    Planning and scheduling your posts
    •    How to build your audience and turn them into customers
    •    Advertising on Facebook
    •    The future of Facebook for travel agents


The importance of Social Media Marketing for every travel agent

Social Media Marketing can help your travel agency to reduce the gap with other players in the travel industry. With the right strategy, a creative mix of posts, visual content, and advertising, you can make the most of this vast network, and increase your sales performance.

Why choosing Facebook for your social media campaign

With over 1.5 billion people logging in daily, Facebook offers a chance to implement your brand exposure and your web traffic, while increasing your customer base. Creating a Facebook page can be an easier alternative to building your own website, providing a good branding opportunity for showcasing your travel agency’s services.
Learning how to promote your travel agency on social media can be tricky; that's why we have created this ultimate guide to Facebook, specifically designed for travel advisors and agencies.

All you need to know about the biggest social network

Whether you are just getting started or simply not getting the expected results, our guide will give you everything you need to maximize the potential of your Facebook page. 
Even with other social media platforms on the rise, Facebook is still the biggest one in terms of daily and total users.

What you will find in this ebook

Insights and statistics to understand why you should use Facebook for your travel agency.

Find out about all the key advantages of this social network for a travel agent. You will find out what Facebook can do for you, learning about potential opportunities and threats of using it.

How to set up your Facebook business page in a few easy steps.

Gain familiarity with profiles, pages, customize at will and make sure your accounts are set up to maximize the business potential of this platform.

Ways to make your social media marketing plan easy with scheduled posts.

Learn how to promote your travel agency on social media with the assistance of the Facebook automation processes.

Facebook Post Ideas for travel agents

If you are looking for a source of inspiration for the social media posts for your travel agency, this guide is precisely what you are looking for.

Guidelines and tips on how to interact with your customers online.

Your social media content needs to be sharp, clear, and up to date. Our guidelines will help you to make the most of each interaction with your users.

All you need to know about Facebook ads.

Facebook ads for travel agents have never been so easy! Follow our step-by-step guide, to set up your marketing campaigns, and reach out to your users at their convenience!

Future developments and potential game-changers for travel agents

In this fast-paced environment, being one step ahead of the competition will be a great advantage! The latest technologies can tell us a lot about where social media platforms like Facebook are going and how to adjust accordingly.

Get started now by downloading our free ebook, and make Facebook an integral part of your marketing strategy!

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