Travel Trends 2020: A Travel Agent’s Guide to the Travelers of Tomorrow


The essential cross-generational travel trends you need to know

If there’s one thing that all generations have in common, it’s a love of travel. The hunger for new experiences and exploration is stronger than before and getting stronger with each new generation too.

But that doesn’t mean marketing to Millennials is the same as selling trips to Generation X. Baby Boomers don’t necessarily have the same travel habits as their parents, the Traditionalists, and marketing to Gen Z is often an entirely different ballgame. But how do travel advisors know which marketing channels and sales techniques to use on each generation?

With our in-depth, highly practical guide, you’ll find all the tips you need as a travel advisor to boost your sales in 2020 and be the ultimate expert for your clients, no matter their age.

In this ebook, you’ll find out…
  • The key defining characteristics for each of the five main generations 
  • The Millennial trends that define how this powerful generation travels
  • The key to success in marketing to the youngest travelers: Gen Z  
  • Baby Boomer travel trends and purchasing habits 
  • How to be the expert for clients of any age, and make the right marketing decisions to sell more in 2020



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