How to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Jungle

A guide to digital for the modern travel agent

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A guide to digital for the modern travel agent

There's no two ways about it; nowadays nearly everyone starts online when searching, shopping and booking travel is online. The modern travel agent is not only competing for attention against online travel agents (OTAs), but they’re also competing with hotel chains and airlines that sell their products to customers directly online.

The future of the travel industry is in the customers' hands, or their fingertips, to be exact! According to Google, the average person checks their phone up to 85 times a day and almost half of this time is spent updating social media or reading emails - this is a perfect opportunity for travel agents to confirm their place as the travel expert.

Our eBook breaks down the benefits of integrating digital tools into your business and gives some useful advice, including:

  • Ways to engage with your customers on social media

  • Tips & tools that will help you save time and money

  • The power of digital marketing and how to create a winning stratergy

  • How to compete with online travel agents, like Expedia and

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