How to up-sell and cross-sell to improve your clients' trips
From the difference between upselling and cross-selling, to successful techniques you can employ during consultation, our guide has insightful tips!

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

As two of the most key marketing techniques out there, both upselling and cross-selling are invaluable for travel advisors to master in order to ‘maximize’ customers’ trip!

From letting you tailor your services more closely to customers’ needs, to boosting the revenue you earn on each booking, there are numerous benefits to employing these techniques during consultation.

Our guide covers key topics including:

• The differences between upselling and cross-selling and why both are beneficial for different clients

• How upselling benefits clients by offering more tailored booking and trip experiences

• Why working with the right distribution partner can make all the difference

• Why it’s essential to have a booking platform that makes upselling and cross-selling easy

• How these skills can help you boost your overall success as a travel advisor

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