How To Create Personalized Travel Brochures With The Star Brochure

Monday, Aug 7, 2023


Customization is at the heart of every consumer’s expectations in this modern, digital era – and that rings true for travelers just as much! 

At every stage of the booking journey, in order to maximize your revenue and sales, it’s important that you’re handling every customers’ needs as individuals, to really make them feel like you understand what they want from their trip. 

And what better way to do that than with a personalized travel brochure?

The Star Brochure, our flagship product, comes in a fully customizable format, meaning you can create bespoke travel brochures on a client-by-client basis! 

In our free guide, you’ll learn how to: 
•    Navigate the online Star Brochure and begin your own projects
•    Choose to include existing content or create your own articles, welcome messages and more
•    Add your own branding and logos to stand out from the crowd
•    Book your clients’ dream trip right from the Star Brochure itself 
•    Share your travel brochure quickly and easily

Download the guide to learn more!  

For our existing clients, get instant access to this step-by-step guide on how to create personalized brochures by downloading this resource here.
How Create Personalized Travel Brochures with Star Brochure
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Download our step-by-step guide today and learn how to use our in-built customization tool, to wow your clients with personalized travel brochures!

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