A guide to crisis management for travel agents

Discover ways to survive and then thrive when a crisis hits

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Discover ways to survive and then thrive when a crisis hits


Solo Travel - Everything you need to knowIn our Crisis Management eBook, you'll find out:
  • What we can learn from previous crises
  • How to stay informed during a crisis
  • What to do when a crisis really takes hold
  • How to adjust your marketing efforts during a crisis
  • Why customer satisfaction always needs to be your #1 priority
  • How to respond during the crisis recovery period

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How to keep your business going in times of crisis 

Unforeseen circumstances are exactly that – unforeseen. And while that means you can't necessarily plan for every kind of crisis that might occur, you can have the infrastructure and steps in place that help you manage your business during an unprecedented time.

Learn from past events for crisis management tips

The travel industry has weathered all manner of crises, from natural disasters in the Caribbean, USA and across Asia, to terror attacks in hotels and a global financial crash. We are now facing one of the most challenging crisis of our lives, as the borders close and the world locks itself down to stem the COVID-19 outbreak

As we ride this wave together, we can look back on some of the past crises to find useful coping mechanisms, learn from our mistakes, and see a glimmer of hope. The travel industry, after all, always manages to bounce back. 

While all this might seem impossible to plan for, there are steps you can follow and put in place to help with crisis management – and our eBook will guide you through just that. 

Put steps in place to help keep customer satisfaction up during a crisis

In the eBook, we’ve broken down the five universal stages of any crisis, and how it’s likely to affect your business as a travel agent. We’ve provided tips on where to get the most up-to-date reliable information and insights on how to adjust your marketing efforts to suit each stage of the crisis in question. 

While things feel out of control, it’s important to remain calm and collected, and prioritize your customer relationships. In the eBook, we’ve provided tips on keeping your clients satisfied to help with loyalty, and we’ve explored what happens when it’s all over. The recovery period is a key part of the crisis management process, so make sure you’re prepared to gear things back up once the crisis fallout has passed.

The reality of any crisis is that some businesses will thrive, and others will suffer. The way it all plays out depends on the severity of the incident, how widespread it is, and how governments and economies react. The travel industry is a resilient and vital part of the global economy, and people will always want to go on vacation, so use this eBook to help ensure your business will still be in good shape when the travelers are ready

Find your way through this and future crises by downloading our guide to crisis management now! 

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