Domestic Travel: the key to a speedy recovery

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Thursday, June 18, 2020


Domestic travel ebook
In our domestic travel eBook, you’ll find out:
    •    What are the characteristics of domestic travelers
The biggest reasons for your customers to opt for domestic travels
    •    Tips to help you selling national travel deals
    •    Experiences ideas to widen your domestic travel offerings
    •    A selection of the best niches and specializations


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Domestic travel as the fuel for the recovery period

In this post-COVID-19 era, with international travel moving slow, the travel industry is seeing a boost in the demand for domestic travel deals.
Traveling nationally is perceived as safer, cheaper, and better for the local economy by the majority of travelers, and these days, it represents a solid market that travel agents need to take into account.

What audience every travel agent should target with domestic travel deals

Segmenting your customer base can be decisive for your marketing strategy! In this ebook, we break down which are the best audiences you can target with domestic travel deals, analyzing their travel needs, and what type of experience are they looking for. Check it out to get valuable insights to tailor your offerings of domestic deals to specific target audiences!

What actions can help your travel agency selling domestic travel deals

In this eBook, we deep dive into how to promote domestic travels, with practical tips such as:

Implement short vacation offers

Weekend getaways and overnight stays are often one of the most appealing options for those who travel domestically, and due to the short nature of these vacations, your agency can have high chances to have returning customers!

Network with local companies and associations

Reach out to local companies to expand your range of experiences and offers as much as possible! This might help you establish long term relationships that will make your portfolio wider and richer!

Include train and bus offers

Airline companies are recovering slowly, and as an aftermath of this global pandemic, the amount of flight routes has been reduced! This, along with the growing awareness for the climate impact of flights, represents an opportunity for travelers to opt for different types of transportation!

These and many other tips and information can be found in this guide. They are valuable to your travel agency to maximize your chances of tackling the domestic travel demand successfully.

Travel specializations to maximize your results

Specializing as a travel advisor usually helps increasing profits, and these days can be the best resource to meet the growing domestic travel demand! We have analyzed and listed the best specializations that can provide you advantages for the national travel market. Check it out to get insightful guidance on which niche deserves your attention!

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