A future city with an ancient past

The Seoul Special City is nothing short of its official title

Founded in 18 BCE, dense clusters of skyscrapers are separated by the Hangang River and surrounded by a mountainous landscape.

This capital that encompasses both the futuristic and the traditional is an exciting place to visit as an arrival or departure point for those who want to discover Korea!

Seoul Searching – the city from the sky 

Due to the many surrounding mountains, there are plenty of great places to get a perspective on the city. One special place to visit is the octagonal pavilion atop Maebongsan Park in the center of the city, a 25-minute walk from Beotigogae Subway Station. From here visitors can see glittering buildings give way to the wide Hangang River, with the iconic Lotte World Tower seen in the distance. Another popular lookout is the N Seoul Tower, the second highest point in Seoul, which offers panoramic views of the sprawling cityscape. 

A Place of Tradition

The most popular historic sites in the city include Gyeongbokgung, first built in 1395, during the Joseon Dynasty, Changdeok Palace, and Jongmyo Shrine, the oldest preserved royal Confucian shrine where ritual ceremonies continue in 14th-century tradition. Tourists should also visit the nearby Bukchon Hanok Village, home to hundreds of traditional houses which are still lived in. You can tell your clients traveling to Korea they should always receive what is handed to them with both hands. To receive anything with one hand is considered rude. A slight nod of the head and a smile will also be greatly appreciated! 

Dawn with the Dynasty

Namhansanseong, one of five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in greater Seoul Capital Area, is a historical mountain fortress dating back to the 7th century, founded during the prominent Joseon Dynasty, who have royal tombs in over 18 locations across South Korea. Namhansanseong was established for its excellent vantage point at 480-meters above sea level, it is a popular place for hiking in winter and is perfect for viewing the sunrise, giving context to the meaning of the country’s name ‘The Land of Morning Calm’. 

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