Bedsonline update on COVID-19


To help support our partners at this challenging time we have created this dedicated resource page

17 March 2020

Dear valued partners,

Right now, our industry is living through an unprecedented moment and I am very aware that the travel sector has been hit even harder by the news of the last few days.

On behalf of all my colleagues at Bedsonline, I would like to offer your businesses our every support.

Rest assured that we are doing everything possible — including providing extra staff — to support the high number of requests for changes and cancellation of bookings.

Due to the closure of many of the borders of major source markets and destinations globally and the fact that currently there is no clarity as to what will happen next, hotels in many of the biggest markets around the world at are record low levels of revenues and the situation can only worsen in the short term.

In the best interests of the whole industry and travelers themselves, we have declared a global ‘force majeure’ for arrivals up until 31st March inclusive (subject to regular revision or extension, depending on how the situation evolves) from the date of submission of the present communication. This policy will apply to all bookings with the exception – for the time being – to domestic USA bookings made by USA customers.

Therefore we will allow any traveller who wishes to do so the option to cancel their reservation – without facing a cancellation charge – for both refundable and non-refundable bookings (as long as bookings are cancelled in due time, otherwise we are not able to guarantee these).

This will not, however, affect bookings where the traveller has already arrived at the destination and hotels can expect payment for these bookings.

We´d like to ask you to only cancel and / or modify your booking via the API and/or web. Please avoid calling the customer relationship centre (CRC) as we will process the waiving of fees in the 10 days following the cancellation.

This is a situation that none of us could ever have imagined or prepared for and understandably we appreciate the significant impact these developments are having on your business.

Naturally we are monitoring the situation closely and that´s why we have created this dedicated web page resource and we´ll be updating our policies regularly here.

In the meantime, wherever possible we would like to ask you to hold back on contacting our call centres about bookings that are not for arrival in the next 72 hours. This allows us to prioritise our resources on the more important cases – something that is in everyone’s interest.

We value your partnership greatly and would like to thank you for your understanding and support.

If you have any questions relating to this, please do not hesitate to contact your Bedsonline relationship manager.

Kind regards,