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Adelántese planificando su contenido de redes sociales

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Adelántese planificando su contenido de redes sociales

Whether it is the first time you have immersed yourself in the world of social networks or are looking to improve your online presence, proper planning will ensure success and save you time and effort .

We have created a useful planning calendar for social networks in Excel, so you can plan the content week by week, and avoid last-minute chaos to get something posted.

The document includes a monthly calendar that offers an overview of everything planned , as well as individual pages for each social network (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) since each one has its own peculiarities.

What we recommend:

• If you are a beginner user, start with one of them and master it before you start with others. You'll get better results by showing off in a network instead of having multiple channels wasted.

• While it is important to plan and create excellent content, you should also save time to monitor and respond when people begin to interact with your publications.

Experience! Try to publish in different days, different hours, more frequently, less ... all this influences the results!

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