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Gavin Lapidus, propietario de eShores

eShores is a team of tourist consultants from the United Kingdom who organize personalized holidays for their clients. The owner, Gavin Lapidus, gives us an idea of ​​the world of a modern travel consultancy that puts customer service at the top of his list of priorities.

It's all about the experience

In order to truly provide the best customer experience, Gavin knows that there is another type of experience that is paramount: industry experience. All members of your team have at least 3 years of experience as tourism consultants, and ten of your twelve employees have more than 10 years of experience.

This experience is not only limited to the consulting service, but also implies "knowing the world". If we add the trips made by all employees of eShores, we can cover the five continents and almost all the countries of the world. This first-hand experience about products, destinations, excursions (and anything else you may experience during your vacation) means that they are able to provide their customers with detailed information on where to go and what to expect from each location.

The personal service that eShores provides to its clients far exceeds the concept of "integral solution". It is a service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when your clients are on vacation. Gavin realized that this is what could distinguish his company. Its complete service eliminates the complexity of searching, comparing, buying and reserving all the necessary elements to go on vacation. For Gavin, his team is made up of tourism consultants and not travel agents:

"Our consultants share their knowledge about destinations, products and experiences, making everything available to our clients, each client has a unique interlocutor, his personal consultant, and this consultant knows each client perfectly, what he likes, what he does not He likes it, his birthday, his anniversaries, his previous reservations ... everything. "

Build a brand you can trust and not one that only sends offers

Gavin also knows that his clients do not want to be besieged by the constant sending of offers and, instead of doing so, he prefers to share on Facebook and Twitter the valuable and interesting advice that his team elaborates. And this concept of brand building and sharing inspiring and attractive content through your blog has managed to maintain customer loyalty. Through articles that can be about "The best brunch in the world" or "How to plan multi-destination holidays in Australia", eShores shares content that attracts people and excites them about the idea of ​​traveling, also providing new ideas that you can begin to include in your vacation plans.


The success of this business model is based on the other side of the Internet boom. With so many options available on a myriad of travel websites, planning and booking a vacation for the modern traveler can be a daunting task. But knowing exactly who to listen to can also be very difficult, since the number of criticisms, comments and opinions available is infinite. When you have a brand and a consultant you can trust, a client simply provides a "summary" of the vacation you want and the consultant does all the work for him. This combination of confidence and tranquility has allowed eShores to conquer a solid place in the market and not only to survive, but also to thrive in the jungle of digital tourism.

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