Visit Britain: #MyMicroGap?


Exciting Adventures And Unexpected Experiences, and No Need to Fly!

#MyMicroGap is a new concept for taking time out of the ordinary within the UK. It embraces the ideology associated with the ‘Gap Year’, also known as a sabbatical, upon which one may take time to learn a new skill, craft, volunteer, travel, and ultimately experience something life-changing. 

#MyMicroGap shows you don’t have to take a year off to create memorable experiences. Instead, the weekend lends enough time to escape the norm and encounter something new, without even having to go to an airport. 

Do you have clients between 16-34-years looking for weekend trips? This age group have a strong social conscience, they are likely to want to help others in need, buy Fair Trade, and choose companies working with charities, so why not inspire them to travel within the UK and save those carbon emissions!

England has a lot more to offer than one would think:

•    Island Getaway
Everyone wants a dose of white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and palm trees. But heading South doesn’t have to mean leaving the UK… Do you know the Isles of Scilly? Under a 3-hour boat trip from Penzance, Cornwall is an archipelago of 10 islands and 45 islets designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

•    Gone to the Beach 
England has a unique seaside charm, and while Bournemouth’s miles of sandy beaches have been attracting tourists for generations, many beachside towns are bubbling with new creative life. As London’s rent rises many have moved to the coast, so new eateries, bars, and art spaces are popping up alongside established cultural institutions and historical landmarks from Brighton to Margate. England also has a handful of gems that can compete with Greece, just have a look at Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, and Maidencombe Beach. 

•    Countryside Retreat
Bluebells anyone? What is better than a wander the lovely British Countryside in Spring? Visitors can discover the church gardens of Cambridge, quintessential villages in the Cotswolds, and enchanting landscapes of Yorkshire Dales. No matter if your clients are seeking the full spa or great hiking trails, we are sure they will enjoy a Countryside retreat. 

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