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Monday, March 21, 2022

Make the most of what the market has to offer! Introducing, ‘Opportunities’! 


In order to be a successful travel agent, it’s important that you equip yourself with the right tools – and there’s no tool better than The Compass.

The Compass provides users with the key information needed to help them be the best travel agent they can be: with hundreds of hotels available to book on demand, we’re here to help you delight your clients with unforgettable holiday experiences. But how do you know that you’re making the most of what the market has to offer? What if there are destinations you’re overlooking, and that your clients could love? Introducing, ‘Opportunities’!

What Are Opportunities?

Simply put, opportunities are the destinations which are trending and in demand in your market. Artificial intelligence works to gather global data and, once collected, creates a snapshot of the current state of the market. You’ll be alerted to these opportunities because you’re not booking them.

Since The Compass offers a personalised experience to all agents, you can expect to receive data ranging from the demand percentage and price decreases, through to new hotels added and the most popular month to book the suggested destination. This data acts as a fantastic cheat-sheet to help maximize your bookings (and to get ahead of the competition!), but in the event that you’re unsure on the opportunities suggested, we’re on hand to offer assistance.

Did you know?: When using The Compass, you may notice some information displayed in the left-hand panel (‘lead time’, ‘origin country’, etc). These filters exist to help you make the most of The Compass and to maximize your bookings; you can read more about these filters by clicking here.


‘These Opportunities Aren’t For me…’

There are a handful of reasons why you might not think the suggested opportunities are a fit for your agency. Maybe you’re unfamiliar with the destination portfolio, or you’re unsure of how to promote it. Whatever obstacle you feel you’re coming up against, rest assured that the friendly Bedsonline team will be available to quash any fears and are reachable at the click of a button:

Did you know?: The more you use The Compass and its features, the more accurate our recommendations will be for you. For example, discarding an opportunity will provide The Compass with data for them to base future decisions around, meaning the next time you use the tool, you should see more suitable opportunities for you.


Making the Most of your Opportunities

If you are satisfied with the destination opportunities suggested (and we’re sure that you will be – there will be plenty to choose from!), you may wish to learn a little more about the hotels offered. Keep an eye out for the small bell icon appearing not only next to the destinations of choice, but next to a select number of hotels, too, as further information will be revealed:

Depending on the client you’re working with, these details could help to secure the booking (please note that the bell icon will not appear next to every hotel – it will only show next to the hotels which are in demand from competing agencies). Also, since The Compass’s artificial intelligence has highlighted these properties as being in-demand, you may wish to adjust its cost to increase your commission

If you’re looking for a free travel agent tool to take your business to the next level, The Compass is it – get involved today!
If you’re looking for a free travel agent tool to take your business to the next level, The Compass is it – register today!


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