Find the best holiday destinations in your market with The Compass 

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

One of the challenges of being a travel agent is getting to grips with the knowledge you need to best serve your clients – for example, which destinations are trending right now? Fortunately, The Compass by Bedsonline makes it easy for you to identify the top holiday destinations right now, based on real-time data intelligence.

Finding the best holiday destinations for your market

Depending on where you or your clients are based, the top trending holiday destinations may vary. The Compass offers intelligence for markets located all over the globe, from North America and Canada to those in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Certain origin destinations (the US, the UK, Spain, Mexico and Australia) can even be filtered right down to the region or state of departure – this is the first step in discovering the top destinations to offer to your clients. 

Choosing the right destinations

The next step in finding the best travel destinations for your clients is to filter down by certain criteria. Are your clients hoping to travel domestically or internationally? Maybe they’re open to either option? How soon from now are they planning to travel? And, furthermore, what does their dream escape look like – will they be lounging beachside, or living it up in the city?

The Compass offers a range of filters to help cater to your clients. Toggle between destination options such as ‘domestic’, ‘international’ and ‘all’, choose between ‘sun & beach’ or ‘city breaks’, and select the lead time, too, if you wish. (Note: you can use as many or as few of these filters as you’d like.) From here, the top travel destinations will be revealed.

Our pick of the best holiday destinations

After filling in the information required, A list of the top destinations for your market will be revealed on the left side of the page. Those with an orange bell next to them are ‘Opportunities’, i.e the destinations which The Compass has determined you should be booking right now, once clicked on any of them, an orange banner displaying your top opportunity will appear at the top of the page. If you’re an active user of The Compass, you may find that some of these destinations – despite their high search volume or ranking – do not have the orange bell next to them; this is because you are actively booking them and therefore, they are no longer deemed to be Opportunities that you’re missing. Similarly, active users may find that the results on The Compass while logged in vary to those offered by other agents in your area/when browsing without logging in. This is because The Compass will learn from your previous behavior in the tool, tailoring your results based on what it already knows about you and your clients.


So that’s it – discovering the top travel destinations in your market couldn’t be easier. Wondering which destinations are trending right now for some of the biggest markets? Find out by clicking here! 

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