Thursday, April 7, 2022

Discovering the best opportunities just got easier. Introducing Insights, the new way to access the data you need.

In an effort to streamline the experience of our valued agents, we at Hotelbeds and Bedsonline have made it easier than ever to access market trends. Introducing, ‘Insights’.

Now, you can recognize that a small change has been made to the booking engine, meaning your access to The Compass is only ever a click away. Log in to the booking engine via Hotelbeds/Bedsonline and you’ll find that, on the navigation bar (between ‘notifications’ and ‘support’), the word ‘Insights’ will have appeared. By clicking on this term or hovering your mouse over the text, a subsection called ‘Market trends’ will be revealed.

What are market trends?

It’s quite simple: these are the trends in your market that you should be made aware of, based on the live data intelligence gathered by The Compass. Our technology works to identify the top trending destinations and hotels within your market, enabling you to better understand the opportunities in your area and helping to guide booking decisions and consultations with your clients.

In short, by remaining aware of market trends, you will have a greater chance of securing bookings and delivering exceptional experiences to your clients. By clicking on the ‘market trends’ subsection, you will be reminded of these benefits, including real-time analysed trends which are updated daily with the top destinations per market. You’ll also gain a better understanding of growth trends by reservation period, taking your success to another level with the creation of personalized brochures and flyers.

The addition of ‘Insights’ is just another example of how we at Hotelbeds and Bedsonline are always working to help uplift the businesses of our cherished clients. Stay with us as we continue to invest in technology – but in the meantime, be sure to try out the new Insights section and discover trends in your market now! 

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Make the most of what the market has to offer! Introducing, ‘Opportunities’! 
Mar, 2022