What’s the Difference Between The Compass and the Booking Engine?

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Now, and in the next few years, technology seems set to irrevocably change the hotel and travel industries.

From the rise of digital passports to the adoption of VR travel experiences, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that travel and hospitality brands must embrace a more connected digital infrastructure.

But what does this mean?

It means finding solutions that provide opportunities for scalable, long term business growth. It means making applications and platforms more personalized; to create a more convenient industry for travel advisors, hoteliers and customers.

It means making life easier!

Travel advisors are the beating heart of the brick-and-mortar travel industry. You’re at the frontline, interacting with customers, securing business and working as the face of your agency. So, how can you work smarter without having to work harder?

This is where The Compass and the Booking Engine come in!

By embracing technology, you can adapt more quickly to changing customer requirements, providing enhanced personalization and peace of mind to your clients as a result. The Compass and Booking Engine by Bedsonline are two tools designed to satisfy these needs – read on to discover how essential they are to your business, and the differences between them.

The Compass

The Compass is a search and marketing tool, powered by global data gathered across numerous touchpoints. Translation: The Compass offers real-time insights that are solely based on how other travel agencies and customers are acting and reacting within your specific market.

What are its key features?

Intuitive Trend Forecasting

Travel looked very different in 2022, with the rise of workcations, sustainable tourism, friend-cations and the fulfillment of ‘bucket’ list trips, as catch-up travel became a priority.

So as we progress, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re promoting (and are aware of) the destinations that are trending in your market.

This is where The Compass shines. It offers data-powered destination insights, informed by the booking activity of competitors in your market. Updated daily and based on the most recent data, these insights are pivotal to keeping up with - and overtaking - competing travel agencies who might be booking your potential customers because you’re not on top of which destinations are most in demand!

Interested in making the most of what The Compass has to offer? Register your agency!
Interested in making the most of what The Compass has to offer? Log in now!


The Opportunities Feature

Linked to these travel trend insights is The Compass’s Opportunities feature, which presents any existing trending destinations that are not being booked as opportunities that you should be booking, based on what competitors in your market are doing.

These opportunities are highlighted clearly with a bell icon, making it simple for you to identify which hotels and destinations you should be capitalizing on.

The Booking Engine doesn’t offer this information, which is what makes The Compass such a valuable tool for travel advisors everywhere!

Learn more about how to use the Opportunity feature here.

Filtering Hotel & Destination Information Quickly

One of the main benefits of The Compass is its ability to support the consultation process with data-driven information you can filter easily. This comes in handy when you have potential clients looking for specific destination or hotel information in a short window of time – with The Compass, you can narrow down your search with just a few clicks, making it even easier to meet customer demands.

Once you’ve selected your source market, you can use the filters to refine your search – including domestic or international trips, by lead time, region (when traveling internationally), or by holiday type. This will reveal the top 20 destinations from which you can begin your search!

Straight away, you will see the most relevant opportunities for your customer. The dashboard also shows key hotel insights in your chosen destination, such as hotel ranking by source market and top sellers.

Custom Flyer Tool

When it comes to personalized marketing, the Customer Flyer Tool offers the easiest way to ensure your customers receive bespoke communication at every stage of the booking process!

On the dashboard, the ‘sharing’ button takes you to the tool itself. From here, select up to eight hotels to compare before transforming your top picks into a shareable PDF or graphic or, for the utmost convenience, you can send it to your clients via WhatsApp for them to compare options at their leisure.

Another key element of the Custom Flyer Tool is that it supports personalized branding! In addition to tailoring the information per client, you can also add in your own logo and unique terms and conditions. This not only makes each communication feel tailored and deliberate for each customer, but it saves you a lot of money on marketing!

Integrated With The Booking Engine

As The Compass is not a booking tool, any purchases are redirected to the Booking Engine, the powerful booking platform from Bedsonline!

This means that not only can you offer your customers a tailored consultation, but an enhanced booking process too, with access to increased hotel and destination insights; flexible payment options; easy integration options for admin fees and commission; and the ability to cross-sell ancillary products, all in one place! More on this shortly...

Designed To Aid Advisor-Customer Consultation

The Compass is specifically designed to aid consultation between travel advisors and clients – as a supplementary system that supplies enhanced trend data, it offers a more competitive, informed consultation process compared to just using the Booking Engine or working independently. It’s the go-to tool for any and every consultation!

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Booking Engine

The Booking Engine is, as you’d expect, a booking platform! But more than this, it provides travel advisors with comprehensive filtering options, the ability to build complex itineraries, and sell packages or individual items. But that’s not all...

What are its key features?

An Extensive Portfolio

Naturally, this is one of the main benefits of using the Booking Engine, as you will gain access to 300k+ hotels, 18k experiences and transfer route coverage in 200 countries across our extensive portfolio. Some of our active partners can’t get enough of the wide range of offers and our rates:

“We mostly book in the luxury space and I am thrilled with Bedsonline’s reach, and access to terrific values for five and six-star resorts. I had an AMEX platinum client who was set on their FHR ‘benefits’ until I showed them the option for a higher category room at a lower price – that was still less even after breakfast!”

J. Mathy Wasserman, Incredible Journeys Specialist, Flying Giraffe Travel, Affiliated with Oasis/Palm Coast Travel, a member of Signature Travel Network

Sound good? Register your agency and get access today.

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Itinerary Builders

Travel advisors can easily build packages or sell individual items! Whereas The Compass does not offer purchasing options, the Booking Engine grants access to powerful search capabilities and allows you to secure bookings. Advisors can build itineraries with ease, combining hotels, transfers and even activities into one package, streamlining the usually time-consuming and confusing process of booking each item separately with other systems.

It even has an integrated cross-selling tool to boost your revenue per transaction, allowing you to easily pair accommodation with activities, transfers and other tickets without complicating the booking process with unnecessary steps. Saving you time, but letting you earn more.

In-built Comparison Tool

This tool offer a more in-depth version of The Compass’s Custom Flyer Tool. While The Compass offers the chance to compare up to eight hotels, the Booking Engine only allows up to four. However, where it lacks in terms of how many options can be shown at one time, the Booking Engine’s filter system does offer a more comprehensive overview of each hotel with factors like the total number of rooms, facilities, amenities, the board rating, star rating and other vital criteria. This is thanks to the 20+ filtering options that are available on the Booking Engine – significantly more than The Compass.

Extensive Search Filters

The booking engine does have a greater tailoring option for opportunities, with 20+ search filters available to refine the hotels and destinations to cater for a much more comprehensive number of factors that are relevant to clients – including sustainable hotels, safety and hygiene ratings for conscious travelers, board category, area of interest, and many more.

Plus, our ranking algorithm has been developed 100% in-house, and ranks hotels to provide the most recommended opportunities per destination. It considers the content available, TripAdvisor rating, user reviews, category, guarantees and key products, and numerous top-sales and competitiveness ratios!

Learn more about the Booking Engine’s functions with our handy guide!

Advisor-specific dashboards with our suite of self-service tools

Our range of self-service tools help you to manage your bookings 100% online, whenever and wherever you want! Just log in, and you’ll be able to save quotes as favorites; view, modify and cancel existing bookings; and view outstanding payments.

Readily Available Support

The online help desk is easy, fast and readily available for whenever you need a helping hand. This means you can make fewer calls and get answers faster - after all, we know your time needs to be spent where it’s most valuable...with your customers!

How To Use Them Together

As mentioned previously these two tools, while incredibly useful, offer an even more streamlined and supplemented search and booking experience when used together.

The Compass is a data-driven trend forecasting and marketing tool, which allows advisors to keep up with the latest travel trends as they happen. This is essential when it comes to the dynamic and fast-paced travel industry, when the best opportunities to book and promote change as rapidly as traveler behaviors.

Used in combination with the powerful Booking Engine - a booking system with extensive filtering options and the unique ability to package hotels, transfers and activities into one itinerary -, this makes for an unbeatable customer experience from that first consultation through to when they head off on their travels.

Whether adding on well-deserved commission easily, managing existing bookings, setting up flexible payment options, or even saving quotes as favorites so you can return to them easier, the Booking Engine is designed to save time but earn you more money as advisors – because you work hard!

Each feature of the Booking Engine is intuitive, user friendly and made with travel advisors in mind – and The Compass offers a powerful, data-driven search tool to refine that initial consultation period, making sure you deliver faultless, bespoke customer service, every time.

Both tools are leading examples of how travel technology is making the lives of travel advisors easier and more empowered with data than ever. Register your agency today!
Both tools are leading examples of how travel technology is making the lives of travel advisors easier and more empowered with data than ever. Log in now!
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