Personalize Your Travel Marketing With Our New Customization Tool

Wednesday, February 15, 2023


When it comes to travel marketing, nothing is more important than customers feeling like they’re getting a bespoke service at every stage of the customer journey. And as travel advisors, it's your job to ensure you’re meeting your customers’ needs as much as possible, to ensure that you’re their go-to for the best experiences in the competitive travel industry.

What better way to deliver that all-important bespoke service? Custom brochures tailored to your clients’ exact requirements, of course!

And that’s exactly what our all-new Star Brochures customization tool offers you. Designed to make it even easier to offer fully customized travel brochures to your clients, this new tool will save you time and boost your consultations to a whole new level!

Your New Digital Travel Marketing Tool - Star Brochures!

We’ve consolidated our well-loved Star Brochures, one of our flagship products, into an all-new digital format - making it one of the definitive travel marketing tools in your arsenal for attracting, and retaining, today’s travelers. From interactive, dynamic content to encourage better engagement and highlight our global portfolio; a fully online format that allows for even easier sharing in this digital age; to the ‘look-to-book’ buttons that streamline bookings, the digital Star Brochures is packed with even more ways to create authentic customer experiences.

And with our new customization tool designed specifically for travel advisors, we’ve made it even easier to cater for your clients’ needs every time.

Intrigued, but not a registered partner with us? Simply sign up for free today to get access to our all-new Star Brochures customization tool, and start supercharging your consultations with bespoke recommendations!
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As for what’s new? Well, read on for more!

100% Customizable To Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Add in a bespoke welcome message, inspire their trip with valuable, insightful articles about their locations, or simply get your clients excited with more information about their perfect hotel - with the new customization tool from Bedsonline, you can deliver exactly what your clients want!


Add Multimedia Content To Wow Your Clients

Our digital Star Brochures is packed with even more engaging content to help create authentic, personalized booking experiences - and all this is at your fingertips with our new brochure customization tool. Show off our best-recommended hotels with exciting multimedia content such as interactive images and dynamic videos, to highlight the best angles and get your clients excited to book.


Stand Out From The Crowd With Your Own Unique Branding

Our new customization tool allows you to personalize your brochures with your own logos, to make sure you’re staying top of mind at every stage of the process. This is essential in today’s competitive market!


Even Better Shareability

Clients are on the move, so you need to make sure they can check out your bespoke travel marketing brochure wherever life takes them! Whether it’s via email, a downloadable PDF, or even personalized QR codes and WhatsApp, share your personalized brochure in just a few clicks for today’s fast-paced traveler.


So there you have it! There’s lots more to love about our all-new customization tool, but why not learn for yourself?

Register for free today to start making the most of our exclusive Star Brochures program, access thousands of stunning hotels in trending destinations, and get creating your bespoke brochures!
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