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Thursday, November 10, 2022

It’s that time of year again – Black Friday is around the corner, and the Christmas season is almost upon us.

And what better time to supercharge your marketing materials than right now? Personalization is critical when it comes to grabbing your ideal clients’ attention, and at one of the most crucial commercial periods of the year, it’s more important than ever that your voice gets heard above your competitors.

Luckily for you as travel advisors, The Compass has a unique Flyer Tool which allows you to create bespoke marketing in just a few clicks!

Gone are the days of time-consuming marketing! Easily create custom flyers that shout out your amazing deals or compare bespoke hotels which are perfectly tailored to your clients’ preferences – it’s the best way to secure those deals. Especially when customers are becoming more and more savvy when making their travel choices, and even more so when you consider that 80% of today’s clients expect their retail experience to come with some level of personalization.

The reality is, the traveler’s experience starts with you, their advisor. Your clients rely on you to keep them up to date with the best deals and hottest locations, a fact that is even more crucial during the busiest commercial period of the year.

And we all know that better deals mean bigger bookings, right? So read on to discover just how to create eye-stopping Black Friday marketing flyers with The Compass.


Step One – Understanding Your Client

The most important skill any travel advisor must possess is the ability to understand and empathize with your clients’ needs: the type of holiday they’re looking for, when they’re hoping to travel, and how best to communicate their most suitable options.

With The Compass, you’re able to translate this knowledge into potential booking options by selecting filters relevant to the client: international versus domestic travel, sun and beach versus city breaks, last-minute getaways versus extensive lead time and so forth.

Of course, this also translates to your marketing and how you’re communicating any deals or offers with your customers – different clients will respond positively to different offers, so it’s important that you’re presenting the most enticing deals at the right time, to the right client.

With The Compass, you’re able to build marketing materials with the Custom Flyer Tool tailored entirely to your client’s requirements!

The Compass’ share functionality seamlessly builds flyers fit for distribution, with just a few clicks. When plotting your communication strategy for any client, consider how best they’re going to receive information from you, and under which circumstances.

Are they the type who are always on the go with barely a moment spare to read through booking options? Or are they somebody who would prefer to pore over more in-depth hotel descriptions? This phase of planning is going to play a valuable role in your relationship with the client, as not only should you hope to delight them with your service, but you want to secure the booking – and should aim to become their go-to travel advisor for all future trips.


Step Two – Artificial Intelligence is Your Friend!

Listen – we understand that a travel advisors’ value is often found in the unique knowledge they’ve earned through adventures of their own. But, as much as there is a place for your individual expertise (and there always will be), trusting in artificial intelligence is certain to elevate your worth as a well-rounded travel provider.

The Compass is loaded with real-time data and insights which will give you a clear idea of what today’s travelers are booking: by utilizing this live global data, you’ll gain instant access to the destinations which are trending right now and up to 9+ months into the future. The speed of this artificially intelligent data being presented is of a major benefit to travel advisors, with Gregory and Sonia from TUI France Thionville describing The Compass as ‘very easy, intuitive and clear’, while Teresa Godoy Rodriguez goes a step further with her testimonial: ‘I used to have to go to every hotel and do 20,000 searches and now I have it concentrated in one place. The tool makes it very easy for me.’

Depending on the information you’ve already gleaned from your client, you can amend The Compass’ filters to bring up the most relevant data relating to the customer.

Say, for example, you know that your customer is planning to travel from the United States to somewhere in Europe within the next three months. You also know that you’ve got a seasonal offer which would benefit your client and entice them to book with you. By adjusting the filters, you’ll be able to see the top choices of destinations and hotels they might like – which leads us onto our next step.

Step Three – Make It Personal

Now that you know where your client wants to go (and what offers they’re most receptive to) it’s time to make things personal!

With the Compass open on your webpage, look out for the sharing option (the blue button which says ‘Create Your Flyer’). Press the button and select up to eight fantastic hotels you think your client will love – if we’re to give a top tip, we’d suggest filtering the hotels out further by traveler type, star rating and TripAdvisor rating, keeping an eye out for any hotels marked with the ‘Safe2Stay’ badge (these are the hotels which have shared their health and safety protocols with us). Once you’ve settled on your top picks, you’ll notice that the blue button now prompts you to download or share the hotels. Go ahead and press it!

You’ll now be asked to select a format: portrait or landscape? The landscape format offers a little extra information about each hotel, while the portrait option is great for making quick comparisons between lead photos and key pieces of information, such as price. Once you’ve decided which your client would prefer, click the option and move on through to the next stage.

At this point, you’ll be encouraged to add your logo to the marketing materials. That’s right – you’re able to personalise the flyer to suit your business, as well as to your client’s needs! Independent and home-based travel advisors will particularly benefit from this feature: we know how costly and time-consuming marketing can be, but with The Compass it’s easy and free to make your mark with swiftly-applied branding.

Next, you’ll be asked if you’d like to customise your content. This is a brilliant way to personalise your marketing materials to a specific client, and we’d recommend adding the client’s name to the header to let them know that these choices are far from generic – in fact, they were carefully chosen by you, their number-one travel advisor.

Gestures like this can have an amazing impact on your relationship with any would-be customers, with up to 72% of consumers electing to respond only to personalised marketing messages, so be sure to think back to step one and tailor your headings accordingly. After taking one last look at your selected hotels (and reshuffling their order/hiding the cost, if you wish), it’s time for you to distribute your marketing materials to the client. You can either download a PDF/image version of the flyer or share it straight to WhatsApp – whichever your client’s preferred method of receiving the information may be, The Compass has got you covered.

As you can see, The Compass’ personalisation feature requires minimum effort, but could bring maximum rewards. Reap the benefits of a tailored experience by trying it out today !
As you can see, The Compass’ personalisation feature requires minimum effort, but could bring maximum rewards. Reap the benefits of a tailored experience by registering today !
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