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The new and improved searching options

Searching for the perfect accommodation for clients without going crazy, is probably one the biggest challenge travel agents face, especially if they end up with a large list of options and prices that need to match their customer expectations.

In fact, even the biggest companies out there still struggle to design a website that is easy to use and stress-free. But over the years and after sitting down with hundreds of our clients, Bedsonline has finally come up with a complete checklist with all the requirements requested by travel professionals to redesign the website and create the best online booking engine for travel agents that would simplify their tasks during the search and booking phases.

If you're curious about all the new features and changes we've integrated, you'll find in this guide all the tips and tools that will help you work smarter, better and faster.

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1. Search Box: Be Specific or Flexible, You Choose

2. Sort Your Results

3. Search and find nearby places

4. Fine tune your searches with filters

5. Hotel Card: Discovering every detail of the hotel

6. Lower tab menu: All-in-one

7. Availability Alternatives

You've probably heard ''more is not always better''. While this sentence might be true in some cases, we truly believe that when talking about travel, more is indeed better. As a travel agent, you need to have the ability to see all of your options and have the maximum number of details for you to give the best service to your customers.

On the other hand, companies need to sort out and organize that information so agents can find what they're looking for and work efficiently.

While some companies are still working on it, Bedsonline has designed a fully customized search tool for every situation. We've implemented a new search engine which enables you to look up for any destination, hotel name, city or even a specific zone in a matter of seconds.

This feature is particularly useful for when a customer doesn't have a clear idea of what they are looking for like the name of the hotel or exact destination - meaning no more missed booking opportunities!

Simply ask them what they're vaguely looking for, what they would like to be offered and the essential details such as the number of persons traveling, budget and let this powerful search tool do the work for you!

Start by entering a country, destination, city, hotel or even a zone if they're not too sure about their preferences. As you start typing, suggested results will begin showing in two separated boxes to help you find the destinations matching your search and the hotels within that location.

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Sort Your Results

Once you are on the results page, our system will bring up a full list of the properties matching your query. The hotels shown will always be organized by ''suggested'' which are our handpicked partners and top reserved hotels for the destination you selected.

However, you can also sort it by category (star rating), by price, and by the average customer opinions.

Search and find nearby places

The map visualization enables you to have an overall view of the area you're searching, and the exact location of the hotels. 

If you're worried or curious about the surroundings of the hotel, you can drag-and-drop Google's ''Pegman'' on the map and it will give you a tour of the area so you can have a feeling of how everything looks around. A handy tool that will prevent you from reserving a hotel in an unattractive area.


Besides letting you wandering around, the map visualization allows you to see the price, star rating and reviews by simply passing your mouse over the hotel's icon. Especially helpful if you're looking for one that is near the top attractions without opening every single one in a new tab.

If you need more details of any of them, you can also click on the name and the information will quickly pop out.

Fine tune your searches with the filters

In some cases, the number of hotels available within a destination will be significant and may slow you down. If you find yourself in this situation, make use of the filters on the left side of the screen. The different options available will quickly filter the results and narrow the hotel list down making the searching process much more manageable.

Among the different filters, you'll find the option to search by:

  • Price Range

  • Category (Hotel Rating)

  • Reviews (from TripAdvisor)

  • Hotel board types (Room Only, Half-Board, All-Inclusive, etc.)

  • Zone or neighborhood

  • Establishment type (Business hotel, Leisure, etc.)

  • Amenities and Services (Spa, Swimming Pool, Parking, Internet, etc.)

  • Chain Name (for those customers who are members of loyalty programs)

  • Close to (distance from important places such as airports, attractions, etc.)

  • Offers (filtering the hotels that are offering discounts)

  • Top Hotels (the list will only show the most recommeded selection)

Hotel Card: Discovering every detail of the hotel

As you may have seen, you have access to a lot of information by just using the map option. However, Bedsonline has also redesigned the way the hotel's details are displayed to help travel agents have everything at their fingertips.

If you go back to your list view, you'll see that every hotel has its own hotel card with some information such as star rating, TripAdvisor rating, total price, location, some of the highlighted amenities and the category room.

Now, you might be thinking that this is looking pretty much the same to what other companies offer, but the truth is, we've done much more for you.

Three of the major changes we've added to our hotel fact sheet are the lower tab menu on each box, the Daily Rate Hover, and the Push Pins. Let's first have a look at the new lower tab menu.

Lower tab menu: All-in-one

While some companies force you to click on the hotel name to see all of its details, we've decided to gather that information onto a single page. Now don't get us wrong, you can still view the hotel's full fact sheet if you wish, by clicking the hotel's name but, we're pretty sure you'll love this new feature as it helps you save some time.

This menu is situated on the lower part of each hotel box and separated into four different tabs: map, images, description, opinions. Each of these tabs will show you the information you need.

Our favorite is the map tab, which tells you the distance between the hotel and the important places such as bus and train station or the distance to popular tourist attractions.

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Availability Alternatives

Looking back, it’s easy to remember the days when searching for availability was also part of travel agents' hard work. When there were no rooms in a hotel, we had no other option but to search for a similar hotel and try to convince the client that it would be as good as the first one.

Fortunately, we now have the ability to find alternatives in a matter of seconds, and that still meet the customer's expectations. If at any point you find yourself struggling with room availability in one of the hotels, our site will recommend you alternative dates for that same hotel and will bring up a list of similar hotels nearby that still have rooms available.

At the end of the day, any travel agent who is looking to maximize their productivity and find the perfect trip for their customers, will definitely want to have the right tools on hand. We know how important it is for professionals to have a flexible yet very advanced website to find exactly what there are looking for, and that's why Bedsonline is determined to implement small improvements every day and make the searching process effortless — and even fun.


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