We present 'Safe2Stay' by Bedsonline

Monday, July 13, 2020

At Bedsonline we know how important it is to be fully informed during these times. We also know that the safety and well-being of your customers is of utmost importance, especially after the situation with COVID-19.

We understand that your priority is ensuring your clients are safe when booking the services we distribute, and you want to rest assured knowing that these services follow the proper health and safety standards. For this reason, we have created Safe2Stay: a way for you to easily identify each services’ prevention measures and official certifications to fight against the spread of COVID-19.


What is Safe2Stay?

Safe2Stay is a new label which helps you to clearly see the measures that are being taken by the services in our portfolio. It is not a certification issued by Bedsonline, it is a means of providing the information on COVID-19 protocols and certifications that our supplier partners provide for their guests. Bedsonline is not responsible for their content.

Safe2Stay groups both suppliers certifications and certifications and protocols issued by public authorities, tourism boards, or other Institutions. We are also working hard to ensure that measures are being taken with our supplier partners across all product lines, including transfer, car rental, theme parks, tours, events, and other ancillaries.

Where can I identify the Safe2Stay label?

The Safe2Stay label will be identifiable in the following contexts: 

  • Through the ‘Safe2Stay’ badge on the hotel card
  • Through a ‘Safe2Stay’ hotels filter
  • In the hotels’ comparison table
  • Also, from the hotel card & factsheets, you will have one-click access to each certificate & protocol details.

We are in constant contact with our suppliers so that we can keep up to date on the prevention measures and certifications that they adopt.

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