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Monday, August 24, 2020

Whilst we’re on the road towards travel recovery, Bedsonline is proud to launch The Compass – your destinations trends and marketing tool. This tool harnesses our live data intelligence to give you up-to-date trends and insights that help you promote the right destinations at the right time.

The Compass not only provides you with valuable insights and knowledge to trending destinations and travel period, but it also enables you to create personalized marketing materials that you can share with your customers.

  • Identify trending destination and booking patterns specific to your market.
  • Choose a destination to get a selection of top hotels with great conditions.
  • Select hotels to quickly and easily create personalised marketing materials.

With The Compass, we have noticed a strong pickup in domestic Australia bookings especially for Cairns, Broome, Hunter Valley and Sunshine Coast. Bryon Bay and North Coast are seeing very high growth in booking volume, with 81% of their bookings travelling in 1-3 months’ time. In New Zealand, Bay of Plenty is also seeing an uplift in bookings.

To meet rising demand in Australia and New Zealand domestic bookings, we have added over 550 new hotels to give travellers more options in selecting what suits them best.

On international travel, bookings are coming in strong for an exciting summer 2021 in Europe. Popular booking destinations include Mykonos, Paris and Sorrento. These bookings have a lead time of more than 6 months, showing that clients are ready to plan well ahead of time to seize the summer!

We believe that The Compass will be your best friend in the near future when your customers come looking for you to make bookings. You will be equipped with the knowledge of trends to advise and swiftly share marketing flyers of great hotels in the selected destination.

At Bedsonline, we are happy to share our data intelligence and global expertise in order to fuel travel recovery and hope you find it useful too.

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