How travel agents can easily earn more with cross-selling

A better experience for your customers, more revenue for you!

As you already know the travel trade industry is rapidly becoming more and more competitive, and businesses are continually looking for extra revenue streams.  

While adding on an activity, transfer or car rental to a booking has always been a good way to boost your revenue, it can be difficult to seize the opportunity if you don’t have the right product in front you at the right time. 

At Bedsonline we make cross-selling easy for you by making sure you have relevant products when you need them most. Read on to find out more… 

Beyond the bed  

Recent studies reported that 59% of hotel customers are sometimes or always interested in additional services, and only 13% are never interested. As per rental car customers, 61% are sometimes, often or always interested in upgrades with only 11% never interested. This means that travel agents have huge opportunities to sell add-ons services to their clients.  

We know that creating unforgettable travel experiences is much more than providing a bed for the night. We have a wide selection of services such as transfers, guided tours, ski packages, discounted admissions to more than 12,000 tourist attractions and activities, and even cooking classes for the whole family.  

A portfolio that keeps growing year after year with new partners and product that we know will inspire your customers.  

Every booking is an opportunity 

Did you know that 61% of activities are bought by travelers while on holiday? Not because they don't want to book it with you, but because they might not even know that you sell activities in the first place. So, it is always interesting to talk to your customers and ask the right questions to get to know them better. 

For example, if you're booking a room for your customers in Rome, and you discover that they are food lovers, suggest them a cooking class with an Italian chef or a traditional Italian food tour or even a romantic dinner cruise. These are the type of experiences that will make the journey remarkable. 

Did you miss the opportunity of selling an extra activity before they took off to their destination? Don’t worry! Keep in touch with them during their journey and don’t miss the opportunity of offering them an extra activity on the go! You will reinforce your relationship with your customers and sell more. 

The right transfer at the right time 

It’s important that when your customer arrives at a destination, their holiday gets off to a smooth start. That’s why offering a transfer and therefore removing all the stress of having to deal with queues, public transport connections or taxis right after landing is always a good idea.  

Since we only work with trusted and reliable partners, our range of transfer products will ensure they will get to where they want without any headaches, including an extra luggage service for the heavy packers, as well as a different selection of transfer types: shared transfers, shuttles or private transfers with door-to-door service and meet & greet. 

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Exploring a destination by car 

Many travellers like freedom when they are on holiday and renting a car is probably the option that best suits their needs. Are your customers planning a trip with multiple destinations? Then make sure you offer them a car from our car rental portfolio and make it a road trip! 

With Bedsonline’s cross-selling tool you will have access to more than 500 global and local suppliers with more than 30,000 pick-up points around the world. Advantageous offers, competitive prices and a huge selection of high quality and secure cars will be just one click away. 

Also, being able to provide with a huge car rental selection to your customers will also allow you to offer that extra activity that can only be accessed by car or that boutique hotel in that village that is worth expending an extra night. More cross-selling opportunities? More revenue for you and a better experience for your customer.  

Making cross-selling easy for you 

Bedsonline offers more than 18,000 activities in more than 700 destinations across more than 185 different countries. That unrivalled selection of destination experiences, transfers and car rental options perfectly matches our powerful booking engine that will make things easier for you. 

Bedsonline’s booking engine will provide you with a seamless cross-selling process. It is very easy to add any extra activity, transfer or car rental at any moment of the booking process.  

The cross-selling tool is available before, during and after the booking process. That means that you can add either search activities without looking for hotels or get recommendations based on the type of hotel you have selected.  

As you can see the benefits of cross-selling are substantial. It's a very quick way for you to increase your agency's revenue, and most importantly it's inexpensive and fast to implement. Remember that pushing more products and services onto a customer isn't the secret to cross-selling.  

Just make sure your additional offers are relevant to the original purchase and this way, instead of leaving them feeling like they spent too much in a single round, you'll build trust, credibility and they'll be happy to see that they received something which is perfectly suited to their needs. 

Happy selling! 

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